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Whoa! Love Is Blind's Raven Reveals ENTIRE Timeline Of SK Cheating Drama -- All The Dirty Details!

Whoa! Love Is Blind's Raven Reveals ENTIRE Timeline Of SK Cheating Drama -- All The Dirty Details!

Raven Ross is ready to share what happened with her former fiancé SK Alagbada’s cheating scandal!

For those who haven’t been keeping up with their story, the exes fell in love in the pods during season 3 of Love Is Blind — well, at least one of them did! While SK and Raven made it to the wedding day, he broke her heart by ending their relationship at the altar. The two later reconciled sometime after the show ended and even got re-engaged! But their relationship soon crumbled again when two women came forward on TikTok to accuse SK of cheating on Raven with them. He vehemently denied the allegations and said he hired an attorney to fight them.

While the pilates instructor has remained relatively quiet about the situation, except for a few comments on social media and in the Netflix After the Altar special, she finally revealed everything that happened on The Viall Files podcast Thursday! So buckle up, Love Is Blind fans, because there is a lot to cover!

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According to Raven, it all began when filming for the first part of the series ended in the summer of 2021, and SK decided to go on a trip to Europe after he left her at the altar. Despite the 34-year-old inviting her on the getaway since they were on good terms and in communication with each other every day, Raven decided not to go. However, she later discovered that one of the women he allegedly cheated on her with (Hannah Beth) went on vacation with him. When Nick Viall asked if SK “knew you were too busy to say yes” to the trip, she said, “100 percent,” adding:

“They extended their trip, stayed together in London. … We weren’t together. It was not cheating, but it was lying.”

So at that point, they were not together yet. Nevertheless, Raven noted she wished SK told her his ex-girlfriend would be there – instead of her learning about it on TikTok a year later.

Fast forward to February 2022, the duo is trying to work things out, but they’re not official yet. Raven went to visit SK in San Francisco – and that’s when she discovered something suspicious in his place. When the reality star opened a bathroom cabinet, she found a mysterious towel with makeup and hair all over it:

“I go to San Fransisco — I think that was my first time [going to visit him at school] — we’re serious, but we’re being realistic. We’re not, like, official. … We don’t move in together until, like, July. He had gone to school, I was trying to take a shower, I was looking for a towel. I open the cabinet under the sink and there’s all this stuff shoved in there and I see a towel and I pull the towel out. … There’s makeup all over the towel and hair all over the towel. I was like, ‘That’s weird.’ … But I knew in my head, we were not officially dating.”

We wouldn’t blame her if she was upset about possibly another woman being there since it seemed like they were looking to get back together again! When Raven asked him about the find, she recalled SK hesitating and later telling her it was just from a turmeric face mask. Seriously, dude??! Raven said:

“I should’ve known [then] this is someone who will lie through his teeth to try to make you believe it based on who he knows you think you’re with. Of course, I didn’t believe it, but I wanted to believe it.”

As you may recall, a woman who went by @emmwho9 came forward to say SK had been in a relationship with her after they met on a dating app in California. When the social media user posted the receipts on TikTok, Raven saw some texts that were from SK in March 2022, in which he sent Raven and the woman the same messages about his trip to Austin:

“It was literally verbatim. The same selfie. The same words.”

Raven shared that SK owned up to “a little” about what went down months later, and he insisted that they only ever hung out with each other once. However, the fitness guru knew there was something off based on how he acted when she confronted him about it:

“This is a thread throughout it. Anytime there would be a moment like this, there would always be hesitation. He didn’t answer the phone for a while … for an hour or two.”

By April, around her 30th birthday, Raven felt they were “solid” and officially a couple again. She took him to her hometown in New Orleans and stayed with her mom:

“[I was] ready to do it right outside of Love Is Blind.”

But less than a month later, Raven alleged that SK took the second woman with her to a couples getaway to Mexico:

“They had all gone on a couples’ trip a week after him and I went on my birthday trip to New Orleans. And literally the next weekend, [he] went to Cabo with her [and] told me he was in school the whole time.”

OMG!!! That is messed up…

To make matters worse, she and SK also went on a couples trip to Mexico with Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemiuex as well as Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton in June 2022. And you’ll never guess what he said to Raven at the time. She claimed:

“He told me, ‘I’ve never been to Mexico before.’”


Two months later, Raven told Nick that they got engaged. And just when you couldn’t think things would get worse… At the time of their engagement, she alleged SK was planning a vacation to Miami with the second woman. Wow. Despite proposing to Raven in front of the cameras, SK allegedly begged producers to remove their engagement from the show. Raven said:

“Apparently after we got engaged, he backtracked, went back to producers and started, like, pleading with them to take it out. [Producers said], ‘We thought you knew, and we thought you guys were breaking up.’ … We were filming the reunion and he went off the grid, remember? No one could find him, no one could get a hold of him, everyone was freaking out. Come to find out, he locked himself in a van with one of the producers and was like, ‘You gotta take the engagement out. You gotta take the engagement out.’”


Cut to November 2022 when the explosive cheating allegations came out. Raven said she discovered a “happy birthday” message SK sent to the second woman days before Love Is Blind premiered in October. Then, the woman’s video came out:

“By the time the second girl came out on TikTok, he was already back home. So we were together at this point, physically at our apartment in Dallas. And [we] were just sitting in our kitchen and both of our phones start going crazy.”

Noting that SK became silent at the time, she continued:

“Because he does that thing where he’s got to ghost for a little bit and get the lies together.”

Raven shared that the second woman’s accusations were “far more damaging” since they were together before. But when she dropped another clip with texts and photos from more recent interactions that had been the final nail in the coffin for her. Raven recalled:

“My heart just sank. That point was the first time when I started using the words, ‘We’re about to be done. You’re pushing way past my limit, because this is a boldfaced lie and you knew we were together at that point, you can’t argue it.’”

She says SK then told her the second woman was extorting him and refused to remove her TikTok videos unless he gave her $300,000. He also asked Raven if she would lie to fans about the cheating scandal. Looking back, Raven told Nick “there was so much manipulation and gaslighting,” adding:

“He really was just worried about saving his career and his face. And he wanted to get lawyers involved to, like, make these claims go away so it wouldn’t look bad for him. I was there at home listening to him on the phone with lawyers all day every day. He was like, ‘This is for my career.’ That’s literally what he said all the time.”

When asked if there were any “red flags” she ignored, Raven expressed that there was a lot she missed, saying:

“There was always this trend — and it’s hard because this is a part that I’m still processing, it’s probably the ego inside of me — of him being really hard on the way that I looked. It got to the point, in August actually, that I was so upset. We had basically lived together the entire summer, we had our apartment and anything I would wear, it was just always something.”

In fact, SK allegedly told her that he was never “attracted” to her:

“And then sending the picture [of another woman on Instagram] — it was always these girls that looked nothing like me. … I was so sad, and I even started to say to him, ‘You don’t really like me, you don’t like the way that I look.’ … And then when all of these girls came out and more of the critics were like, ‘Raven, he doesn’t even like girls that look like you. He never liked you to begin with.’ I’m like, ‘Little do y’all know that was something I was bringing up.’ … In the end, he basically admitted it [and] said, ‘You’re not my type. I’m not attracted to you.’”


As for whether or not they’ve had contact since their messy breakup? Raven revealed they spoke two weeks ago – and he had the audacity to ask if she’d want to rekindle their romance again after everything!

“He reached out to me. … He did say, ‘I was so worried about myself and protecting myself that I didn’t really care about how you were feeling.’ He acknowledged that for the first time, which was nice to hear but doesn’t really change anything. He apologized, and of course, he was like, ‘I’d love to work on things.’”

The nerve…

However, SK won’t be getting his wish because it looks like Raven has moved on from him! Hopefully this guy doesn’t put her through the same s**t she went through with SK. She definitely deserves better now!

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[Image via The Viall Files/YouTube, Netflix/YouTube]

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