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Southern Charm Star Comes Out Saying Madison LeCroy Was FaceTiming With A-Rod!!

Southern Charm Star Comes Out Saying Madison LeCroy Was FaceTiming With A-Rod!!

This is slightly heartbreaking if we do say so ourselves! It looks like Alex Rodriguez FaceTimed with Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy amid cheating accusations — at least according to one of her castmates.

In case you missed it, the cast gathered together to talk all about the drama at the season 7 reunion, which aired last Thursday. During the first part of the episode, Craig Conover claimed that Madison “flew to Miami to f**k an ex-MLB player” — who also happens to be married. The 30-year-old reality star’s ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll also agreed, claiming how she was video chatting with the famous athlete “all the time.” It was then that Madison admitted to messaging the mystery man on Instagram, but denied the allegations that they hooked up, explaining:

“He contacted me and, yes, we DM’d, but other than that, there was nothing. I’ve never physically seen him, touched him.”

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Later, she also snapped at the accusations, yelling:

“Give me a name! Put me on a lie detector test. I never flew to Miami. Where’s the record of that? That’s fake.”

However, the two men claimed that she showed them text messages from the athlete, whose name was purposefully bleeped out in the episode.

Sounds sus to us!

After part one of the reunion aired, a rumor started circulating that the former MLB player in question was none other than the retired New York Yankees star. Many eagle-eyed Twitter users suspected the former baseball shortstop because he currently has a place in Miami and he recently liked one of the Madison’s Instagram photos. (Not looking too good for you, man!)

As you may should know, the 45-year-old isn’t married yet, but he has been engaged to pop sensation Jennifer Lopez since March 2019. So, if she, the goddess that she is, can allegedly get cheated on, then none of us are safe!!

Now, another cast member is spilling the tea on what Madison may have shared with her. In an interview on the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey on Wednesday, Danni Baird was asked about the speculation that the television personality and A-Rod were having an affair. While the Bravo star neither confirmed nor denied that it was him, she claimed that Madison told her she had FaceTimed Alex, saying:

“Months before that I had heard, like, she had even told me that they were FaceTiming or something. I had just assumed. I never asked more about it or anything like that. I just kind of forgot about it. It just didn’t tie in that he was a Major League Baseball player.”

Danni then added that she didn’t “have time to be keeping up with all that stuff.” How could you not?! This is some juicy tea you possibly have knowledge of! After the rumors broke out, Madison’s sister, Kaci Davis, denied that her sis had an affair with J.Lo’s beau, responding to an Insta user with:

“ARod’s not married!”

Is this case closed then?? Could it really have been Alex that Madison was talking to??

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the Charleston hairstylist has been caught in the shady-messaging act with a former athlete. Shortly before the alleged A-Rod drama, she was accused of spending some quality time with Jay Cutler following his separation from Kristin Cavallari in April 2020. However, she released the alleged text messages with the ex-quarterback to clear her name.

It seems like this is becoming a pattern, Madison! No shade when the guy is reaching out to her, but this can’t be a good sign for Lopez’s engagement!

Okay, what do U guys think about this latest installment of her mystery MLB player rumors? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube & Madison LeCroy/Instagram & Jaime Espinoza/WENN]

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