Mariah Carey & James Packer’s Upcoming Wedding Hits A Snag — The Groom’s Mom?!

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Wedding drama in Mariah Carey‘s world!

According to reports from the Sydney Morning Herald, Carey’s wedding to James Packer has apparently been delayed “indefinitely” due in part to a guest list that is causing a lot of drama for the Packer family!

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Private Sydney reports that Packer’s mother — 77-year-old Ros Packer — has been publicly supportive of her son’s engagement to the singer, but privately, she has some concerns!

A source reveals that Ros’ traditional upbringing is VERY different from Carey’s superstar status, and that’s creating some friction as wedding planning, guest lists, and more continue to go on:

“Ros is a woman raised in the country with very traditional values who has maintained a dignified silence for all the years she and Kerry were in the spotlight … Mariah is all bells, whistles and flashbulbs … they are very different women.”


That, coupled with the fact that the wedding has gone from a small affair of just 50 people, to apparently becoming something different — Ben Tilley may be Packer’s best man, as opposed to his former best friend David Gyngell — and there all kinds of questions going on during the planning period!

Obviously, this could be a small hiccup along the way to a big wedding and then marriage — but it’s definitely not insignificant that the groom-to-be’s mom is feeling some uncertainty about her son marrying a big American star.

Guess we’ll see what happens…

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Mar 27, 2016 3:59pm PDT