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Marriage In Trouble?

Adrianne Curry is having troubles with her husband, Brady Bunch alum Christoper Knight.
And she felt compelled to share this information with the public!
The former Top Model winner just posted the following “open letter” on her official blog:

Best friend Vs. Husband?
So, I just dropped off my best friend Andrea at LAX. I am so sad she is leaving. When she first came out to visit me, I was about to start a amazing new job. Chris and I go to the shrink 2 times a week. We have been trying to work on a bunch of issues…one being Chris always yelling at me or making me really depressed before big days during big jobs. (He claims I focus only on me and my job and nothing else) Well, this time was no different. I went to my job 3 days in a row…CRUSHED. I was told I was resented, that my job is no big deal to him, and only newbies to qethe industry would get this excited about it(I have only beein in the business 3 1/2 years). Chris feels I get consumed with my work and forget to clean, etc etc..even if working 13 hour days. However, my best friend came to the rescue…assured me he loved me and just felt threatened…and so on. Well, now my husband feels threatened by my best friend! He basically said I stopped being a couple when she came out to visit me. It wasn’t that, I was just really dissapointed that I had to get the 3rd degree again before such a big job! It was hard to want to be close and sweet to someone who does that.
Anyway, Chris claims when a guy gets married, he cant have best friends anymore…well, at least not be as close as you once were. He feels threatened by my best friend and I’s relationship, and feels that I shouldnt be this close with any friend if I am married. (a lil confused considering she defended him and talked him up to me when I wanted to kill him!). I guess he didnt like the fact that when I am mad at him, I am not mad at her.
Considering the fact that I am really new to this marriage thing…is this all true? Do you have to pull back from your best friend when you marry? Keep in mind, Andrea lives in another state, we see each other once a year if that, and this was the longest we have hung out since we were 19 years old. She also tried her hardest to calm me before my big job (I was sobbing on set, he was calling me and screaming before we started work) and spoke highly of Chris and tried to relax me. I just dont see what is threatening about that. Naturally I spent more time with the person who was positive. Even if she was not there, I would have been distant from him. I dont get it. I would really like to, though!
Your Thoughts? I am totally confused. Do you have to draw back on your friendships if you get married? Is there only room for your spouse but not a best friend?

Interesting questions!
But….the biggest question is: Why did Adrianne feel the need to “share” this with her fans and all the anonymous readers of the web all over the world?
And….is her public admission that her husband behaves shitty towards her gonna help their relationship any????

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Jul 21, 2007 15:43pm PDT

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