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Matty Healy Apologizes For Many Controversies -- But Then Blames It All On Being An Artist & Performs A Mock Therapy Ad!

Matty Healy Apologizes For Many Controversies – Blames It All From Being An Artist!

Matty Healy knows he has work to do.

After announcing his band The 1975 will be taking a break following the end of their current tour next year so he can figure some s**t out, the rock star got candid with his fans about his recent string of controversies.

When Matty linked up with Taylor Swift earlier this year, he was subjected to a new level of scrutiny by her protective fans — and they found a lot! The singer was slammed for his resurfaced problematic commentary and behavior — and he didn’t handle the backlash very well! Once the pop star broke things off, he continued to make headlines for unsavory actions, including totally dissing Boygenius!

In a video obtained by The Hollywood Reporter from Monday night’s concert, the musician issued a general apology for all his actions during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. He told fans he is going to “do better moving forward,” explaining:

“Because some of my actions have hurt some people, I apologize to those people, and I pledge to do better moving forward.”


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That said, he still tried to downplay his actions by insisting it was all done to keep up an act:

“I think it’s also important that I express my intentions, so everybody knows that there is no ill will coming from me. You see, as an artist, I want to create an environment for myself to perform where not everything that I do is taken literally.”

Wait, what? He’s saying he’s playing a character? Not when performing, but… all the time?? Yeah, kinda. He continued:

“I’ve kind of performed exaggerated versions of myself on other stages, be it print or on podcasts, and in an often misguided attempt at fulfilling the kind of character role of the 21st-century rock star. So, it’s complicated.”

But it’s not that complicated! Being a rock star doesn’t mean you can get away with being racist, sexist, antisemitic, and the like! As for why he resorted to this kind of behavior, the 34-year-old claims it was due to a lack of “therapy,” teasing:

“Sometimes playing pretend is the only way you can truly find out who you are, and you could probably also say that men would rather do offensive impressions for attention than go to therapy.”

He’s not wrong! LOLz! But correctly identifying his behavior doesn’t exactly excuse it.

While it’s good to see him start apologizing, he’s still blaming a lot of this on being an artist. It’s an old method for evading responsibility, tying bad behavior to talent, like the two are inextricably linked. It forces critics to say, well, if it gets us such great music yadda yadda. But it’s not real contrition. Real contrition would be if said he now realized THAT was total BS.

Further proving he doesn’t really care about the drama, Matty then turned the whole thing into a joke — because, of course, he can’t take this seriously! He finished by performing a bit in which an ad for BetterHelp appeared on screen while he told the crowd to use his code, “Sorry75,” for a discount on the therapy service. Wow!

Hear him discuss all this with the crowd (below).


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[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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Oct 03, 2023 12:00pm PDT