Meghan Markle Has Found ‘Certain Rules’ Of Being A Royal ‘Difficult To Understand’

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If we married Prince Harry, a lot of things would be hard for us.

Apparently the same is true for Meghan Markle, who according to a source in the new issue of People “has found certain rules in the royal household difficult to understand.”

Like what? Well, right off the bat there are some fashion rules which seem to be less official Royal etiquette and more Queen Elizabeth’s old-fashioned taste, “like the fact that the Queen prefers women in dresses or skirts rather than trouser suits.”

Of course, what is official Royal etiquette if not the Queen’s decisions?

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The source says the new Duchess “is often asking Harry why things have to be done in a certain way.”

“I think she finds it a little frustrating at times, but this is her new life, and she has to deal with it.”

But Meghan’s problem isn’t just trousers — it’s also snakes. That is to say people just on the outside of the inner circle ready to leak their words to the press.

When Meghan told Senator Catherine Noone she was “pleased to see the result” of Ireland’s vote to legalize abortion at a July 10 garden party, the politician tweeted it out.

Royal biographer Robert Lacey, who also serves as a consultant for Netflix’s The Crown, explained:

“That’s an example of her naïveté. Within the royal family they talk freely, and everyone knows the rules. She’s learning the hard way that you can’t trust anyone outside the narrow circle.”

Since talking politics in public is a no-no for the Royals, it was a bit of a violation. (No one else must have been told as well as she did delete the tweet.)

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But Meghan is getting a lot of help.

In addition to protocol guidance from Samantha Cohen, the Queen’s former assistant private secretary, Meghan also has someone on the inside with a particular interest in seeing her succeed:

Her husband!

Photographer Mark Stewart explains:

“You can see Prince Harry’s hands-on approach, steering her, helping her.”

Like we said, if we were married to Harry, it would take us a long time to get a handle on things and learn the ropes also.

Could YOU live the Royal life??

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Jul 18, 2018 2:18pm PST