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Did Meghan Markle Get A Major Engagement Ring Glow-Up After Prince Harry Marriage Trouble Rumors?!? Look!

All eyes are on Meghan Markle‘s engagement ring right now!

The Suits alum made a splash on social media when posing with her former co-star Abigail Spencer in a post promoting their friend Kelly Zajfen’s charity, Alliance of Moms, last week. It was meant to draw attention to the “Love Like a Mother” fundraiser t-shirts the women were wearing — but instead, fans couldn’t get enough of the sparkler on the Duchess of Sussex’s finger!

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See the OG post (below):

Taking to social media after the photoshoot pics dropped, anglophiles zoomed in on the mother of two’s bling — which was placed prominently in several of the pics — speculating it had “doubled in size”! Taking to X (Twitter), they wrote:

“Is it just me or has #MeghanMarkle’s engagement ring doubled in size?”

“I’ve been saying she took wedding ring off to slowly change the size of the diamond. It wasn’t big enough for her”

Part of the reason fans are so upset about the possible upgrade is that the Spare author designed the original piece using a Botswana diamond and two side stones from Princess Diana’s collection, picked especially for his wife. So, fans clearly think it would be shady to change that up! Others weren’t so convinced anything is different, though. They clapped back:

“It looks the same to me. It’s the lighting and she’s wearing other rings with it.”

“A lot of women have their diamonds upgraded. This is not news”

True! Plus, the Archetypes host already revamped her ring once before when she swapped out the original thick yellow gold band for a skinny pavé design in June 2019. She also added a second diamond band that same year, which was speculated to be a push present or anniversary gift. So, this wouldn’t be anything new for the royal!

But the timing is inneresting! Last year, Meghan and Harry faced a ton of divorce rumors amid so-called marriage troubles. And it didn’t help that the Cali native was often spotted without her ring on, usually a tell-tale sign something’s amiss. At the time, sources insisted it was just “being fixed” because of a loose setting. The 42-year-old has since been seen wearing the unchanged ring a few times, including as recently as earlier this month. Nothing seemed off about the diamonds then. So, what’s going on here?? Did she really make a change that quickly or are some fans’ eyes just deceiving them?

Jewelry expert Maxwell Stone of Steven Stone Jewelers gave the former actress the benefit of the doubt, telling Page Six on Wednesday that it is “nearly impossible to discern any changes from the available photo.” And it’s true — it’s too blurry to tell what’s really going on! He speculated instead:

“It could be a trick of the light, or because Meghan hasn’t been wearing her ring as frequently in recent months, it could just be standing out more when she does wear it.”

Hmm…  Take a look at a close-up of her ring from before all this speculation started to see what you think for yourself:

Fans Think Meghan Markle Engagement Ring Got A Major Glow Up

You’ve seen the close-up, and you can see the recent pic. So, what’s YOUR best guess?! Did she get a new diamond or not? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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