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Meghan McCain & Joy Behar's Feud REIGNITES Following Valentine's Day Twitter Dig!

Meghan McCain & Joy Behar's Feud Is STILL Going Strong Following Valentine's Day Twitter Dig!

Meghan McCain may have left The View months ago, but it’s obvious the bad feelings between her and co-host Joy Behar have NOT subsided with the benefit of time.

On Monday, the late Senator John McCain‘s daughter took to Twitter to post a sweet picture of herself posing with her husband, Ben Domenech, for Valentine’s. All looked to be normal — and it was, for a while — but controversy quickly came front and center after Meghan’s 79-year-old former co-worker popped up in the replies. Uh-oh!

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It all started on Valentine’s Day morning, when 37-year-old posted a sweet pic of herself and Domenech posing side by side, writing in the caption:

“Happy Valentines Day Ben ⁦@bdomenech⁩ — I love you and am grateful every day for the life we have together.”

Seems nice enough, right?!

Well, nothing on Twitter can ever be not controversial (sigh). One person in the comments found an issue with Meghan’s picture post, replying with this statement:

“Does every thought and sentiment need to be on Twitter?”

Uhhh… what? It’s just a nice Valentine’s Day tweet! Let McCain celebrate her marriage! Who cares if she tweets about it?? Such a weird response!

Things truly turned up to ten when Behar jumped in, though. In a since-deleted tweet replying to that “every thought and sentiment” commenter, Joy shared a one-word dig at her former co-host:



Like we noted, Behar has since deleted that tweet, perhaps hoping to scrub it from existence before too many people could take note. But McCain picked up on it very quickly! Later on Valentine’s Day, she tweeted her displeasure at the interaction, sharing this message along with the receipts:

“Imagine spending your Valentines Day trolling your ex colleagues tweet about her husband.”

Here are the screenshots of the full exchange (below):

Meghan McCain & Joy Behar's Feud Is STILL Going Strong Following Valentine's Day Twitter Dig!
McCain’s original pic tweet (left) and the thread with Behar’s now-deleted response (right). / (c) Meghan McCain/Twitter


Meghan had some other thoughts about this exchange, as well.

Quote-tweeting a response from Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean about how Joy “couldn’t quit” fighting with the Senator’s daughter, Meghan added:

“It’s pathetic and it creeps me out.”

And she wasn’t the only one to speak up.

Twitter reacted strongly to the screenshots with a lot of opinions on ALL sides of the spectrum, as you can see (below):

“Disappointed in Joy’s reply. You always handled yourself with her no matter how nasty she got. Admired that about you and I lean Left”

“Love Joy. Honestly I am amazed she was able to tolerate you as long as she did!”

“You’re not helping by keeping it going, tbh.”

“That one word upset you this much? Apparently”

“Imagine being so thirsty that you’ve tweeted about a 1 word tweet, what, 3 times now?”

“Imagine spending your Valentines Day having a twitter fight instead of spending quality time with your baby???”

“Of all possible things to be triggered by, a nice generic post on Valentine’s Day about one’s husband. So strange.”

“imagine having so little to do on Valentine’s day you devote multiple tweets to it”

“I love Joy Behar even more now wtf”


Of course, Perezcious readers will recall how Meghan and Joy had some very, very tense on-camera interactions on The View over the last few years. In fact, the two went at each other about politics and culture seemingly almost every day while on the daytime TV juggernaut together. Perhaps most infamously, Joy reportedly once called Meghan an “entitled b**ch” in a scrap following an on-air argument!

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Heck, last January, the pair tussled right after Meghan returned from maternity leave, with Joy snapping at the new mom for interrupting her during a show segment. Of course, McCain later spoke up about how hurtful it was to endure some of Behar’s on-air post-maternity leave comments. Clearly, the bad blood and anger here has not subsided.

What do U make of this particular incident, though, Perezcious readers?! Seriously, who calls out someone’s Valentine’s post??

Sound OFF with your take on Meghan and Joy down in the comments (below)…

[Image via The View/YouTube]

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