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Meghan McCain Dishes On Joy Behar's 'I Did Not Miss You' Diss On WWHL

Meghan McCain Joy Behar Feud Response WWHL

Meghan McCain finally got what she wanted on Monday night — free rein to talk about herself and her POV with no one else’s opinions to interrupt her.

We kid, but the embattled co-host of The View has had a particularly tumultuous time her first days back on the show after a three month maternity leave. Not that she isn’t accustomed to fighting a war on multiple fronts; in her time on the daytime talk staple, she’s had more awkward squabbles than any other host we can think of. But this was pretty overt.

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And in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Monday, she got to share her side of it to Andy Cohen. She admitted:

“It’s been such a rough re-entry back into The View.”

Not helping was the fact she wasn’t on vacation; she had a “really hard birth” — her first child, a daughter named Lincoln — and then “a really hard time” returning to work.

“So that process of getting back was a lot and then this week back, this past week back with just the show the way it is and obviously everything going on in the country and horrible horrific attack on the Capitol, it’s just been a lot.”

Obviously the Hot Topics have been a little too hot these past few days. But tired from momming or not, Meghan has acquitted herself very respectably during talks of the insurrection. It’s the interactions with her co-hosts that haven’t gone as well…

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What about her fight with Joy Behar specifically? Andy wondered what was going on when they “got into it the other day.” If you didn’t see it, last Tuesday Meghan interrupted Joy, who — after months without having to deal with her nemesis — wasn’t having it. She said:

“Excuse me, I’m not done!”

Meghan tried to ease the tension by saying:

“You missed me so much, Joy. You missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me.”

But Joy fired back:

“I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.”

Ouch. So what does John McCain‘s daughter have to say about that viral interaction? Maybe it’s the maternal instinct, but Meghan remained cordial, very much taking the high road:

“I will say, I missed everyone, even if some people didn’t miss me.”

Nice. Just the right amount of shade.

Why is it she’s so much better on WWHL than on The View? Is it just a vicious cycle? She feels like she’s being persecuted for her politics, so she gets overly defensive and snaps at everyone — leading to her being treated with more hostility, so she thinks she’s being persecuted for her politics?

Well, it’s nowhere near that dire the way she tells it. She told Andy:

“I missed the show, they’re a family. All these women were at a my dad’s funeral, we’ve been through a lot of shit together and I missed being on the show and I hope we can all be examples — myself included — of where the country should go forward.”

What does she mean by that?

“Whether we like it or not, I’m not going anywhere on the show, Joy’s not going anywhere on the show, we all have to live and coexist together, just like Americans right now. We’re all gonna try and coexist and I really wanna have us move forward in the country and on The View.”

Inneresting analogy!

See more of Meghan’s Bravo appearance (below)!


[Image via Watch What Happens Live/The View/YouTube.]

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