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Meghan McCain Announces She's Leaving The View -- And Twitter Has A LOT To Say About It!

Meghan McCain announces that she's leaving The View at the end of this season!

Meghan McCain is leaving The View!

The 36-year-old mom announced her resignation from the hit ABC show during Thursday morning’s live episode. And even though she has two years remaining on her contract — McCain has already been there for four seasons — she’s ready to walk away ASAP!

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News first broke in the hours before McCain officially made the announcement herself, with reporting that she was as good as gone. At that time, a source informed the outlet (below):

“Meghan will announce her resignation on Thursday’s show. We have tried to keep her, but she is adamant that now is the right time for her to leave. She will finish at the end of July 2021.”

Even more interesting, the insider claimed pre-show that Meghan’s co-hosts — Whoopi GoldbergJoy BeharSara Haines, and Ana Navarro — were “not yet aware” of the longtime TV personality’s resignation-to-be.

That must have been a surprised when she jumped on live TV todayto “rip the Band-Aid off” and make the sudden announcement, then!

In her official reveal, Meghan said:

“This is going to be my last season at The View. I will be here until the end of July to finish out the season with all of you, which I am grateful for. This was not an easy decision. It took a lot of thought, and counsel, and prayer, and talking to my family and close friends.”

She went on from there, explaining more of the mindset going into her decision to leave:

“Look, COVID has changed the world for all of us. And it changed, at least for me, the way I am looking at life and the way I am living my life, and the way I want my life to look like. When I said goodbye to all of you in the studio a year and a half ago, I found out I was pregnant, and I left the city very quickly because I found out my OB/GYN wanted me to leave because he wasn’t sure exactly how COVID would impact pregnant women. I came to the DC area, which is where my husband and I have always split time, and it’s where I grew up splitting time, and we have this incredible life here. We’re surrounded by my family, his family, friends. We’re surrounded by this incredible support unit, and I just have this really awesome life here that I felt like I didn’t want to leave.”


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Here’s a clip of the full segment announcing her departure live on The View on Thursday morning:

OK then! Whoopi and Joy sure looked shocked, didn’t they?!

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And this wouldn’t be a major viral story about one of the most controversial daytime TV personalities in America without Twitter having its say, now, would it?!

Immediately, Meghan’s name trended on the social network following her announcement, with fans (and foes) weighing in on John McCain‘s daughter and her decision to depart the long-running series.

Here are just a few of the reactions (below):

“Meghan McCain is leaving The View. And no matter the circumstances she 1000% will be describing it as ‘getting canceled’ on the premiere of her shiny next network show.”

“If The View doesn’t make Ana Navarro a permanent cohost it will show that they don’t really care about the Republican perspective, they just want controversy. Meghan brought nothing to the show but controversy. Ana gives the Republican perspective AND respect to her cohosts.”

“Meghan McCain is leaving The View to travel the far reaches of the world to tell those who don’t already know she is the daughter of John McCain.”

“We are just hours in, and July is already the best month of 2021 so far.”

“But if Meghan McCain leaves the view, how will we ever know who her father was?”

“Am I the only one who couldn’t care less about Meghan McCain or The View?”


And the funny videos, GIFs, and memes are out in full force, too (below):


What do y’all think of Meg walking away from The View, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on her announcement and decision down in the comments (below)…

[Image via The View/YouTube]

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