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Even Meghan McCain's MOM Says Her Behavior On The View Is Cringeworthy!

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The View is obviously a show that’s always been known for its disagreements — you can’t expect to have several people cover Hot Topics and never get any strong points of view. But Meghan McCain has proven to be one of the most controversial co-hosts ever to sit at the table.

It’s not even for hot takes, as Meghan rarely presents any. Nor is it for her repeated whataboutisms and pivoting to right wing talking points. While those have certainly turned off many viewers over the past couple years — not for difference of opinion but lack of reason — that’s not what makes gurl a trending topic every other week.

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No, Meghan gets herself into hot water most of the time just by being rude as hell!

We’ve discussed her fights with Joy BeharWhoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin before. At the end of the day most of the squabbles don’t escalate due to disagreements but due to Meghan jumping to conclusions, not listening to her co-stars, and playing the conservative martyr card.

Even her pal Andy Cohen, who gets the more fun, relaxed Meghan when she appears as a frequent guest on Watch What Happens Live, can’t deny gurl plays rough during her day job. So when he had her momma, Cindy McCain, on his SiriusXM show, he had to ask her reaction to Meghan being such a “tough cookie” on The View. John McCain‘s widow said proudly:

“Ever since she was little, we called her John McCain in a dress. Because she was always fighting, she was always questioning… she’s always been that way. So that’s her nickname within the family.”

She also gushed:

“I think she’s doing a great job, she stands up for what she believes in, and that’s all you can ask for. And she’s also really smart. So I appreciate what she does.”

Then she laughed and added:

“I don’t always agree with her, but I do appreciate it.”

But when Andy pressed her on the fighting, mentioning the squabble this week in which she once again fought with Joy and then snapped at Whoopi for daring to end the segment — even visibly upsetting the usually peacemaking Sara Haines. (It’s not pleasant TV.)

At that, Cindy actually blanched a bit, admitting:

“Yeah, from a mom — you know, you teach your children to be polite and be nice to other people and all that kind of stuff, and it does make me cringe a little bit.”

She added:

“But again, it’s her job and it’s what she does. And it’s Whoopi’s job to keep the peace, so I understand everything that’s going on there. But as a mom, yeah, it does bother me a little bit.”

Well, it bothers a lot of moms out there — except the ones who are happy to sell the narrative of the poor, put-upon conservative who isn’t allowed to have her say and is being silenced by the daytime TV deep state. Those moms love it.

See Cindy’s full answer (below):

[Image via The View/SiriusXM/YouTube.]

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May 28, 2021 15:49pm PDT