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Mel B's Former Personal Assistant Accuses Pop Star Of Abuse & MORE: 'She Was Like Jekyll And Hyde'

Mel B former personal assistant tell-all

Pop star Mel B is facing major public backlash after her former friend and personal assistant has come forward with shocking accusations of abuse and other tales of inappropriate incidents in her life.

As we reported at the end of last month, Gary Madatyan filed a lawsuit alleging the Spice Girls singer stiffed him out of more than $200,000 when he previously worked for her as a hairstylist and personal assistant. But now, he’s taken things a step further — and he’s gone to the media with his allegations.

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In an exclusive interview with DailyMail TV, Madatyan shares a laundry list of damning accusations and wildly inappropriate alleged incidents which occurred during his employment; the list is seemingly never-ending.

Gary, who began working for the 44-year-old as a stylist in 2017, quickly earned her trust and confidence, becoming integral to her inner circle and daily life. As the Beverly Hills resident notes in the interview, though, that quickly meant major changes in his life, too (below):

“We were very close and I felt like she needed my help. She asked me to come hang out or come to the pool with her and her kids but then at night she would be alone and crying and she turned to me more and more. But Mel manipulated me, she put me in a situation where I had to do more and more things for her, if she asked me to take Madison to school I would, if she asked me to go to the grocery store I would. I ran her schedule and I went everywhere with her, I was at court, we traveled together, she was really attached to me, she wanted me there 24/7. I literally had no life, I couldn’t see my friends, I couldn’t see my mother, I couldn’t see anyone.”


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It was especially terrifying for Madatyan to watch the momma allegedly interact with her three children — Phoenix, Madison, and Angel — after she’d been drinking. The Armenian-born stylist and former assistant recalled how things typically played out (below):

“Every time I think about the abuse against the children, my whole body starts to shake. There was a time she could attack Angel, she would attack Madison, she would get into fights with Phoenix several times. She would get into this mood where you don’t recognize her and when she comes back she’s a completely different person. She was like Jekyll and Hyde – sober she was the sweetest and nicest person. When she’s drinking non-stop and then taking prescription drugs, she becomes Melanie, this completely different person.”


Among those incidents included several bizarre fights and altercations allegedly started by Mel against each of the children, Gary claims. And in some instances, verbal abuse allegedly very quickly turned physical (below):

“There was violent pushing sometimes it would get really physical. I remember [Mel] grabbing [Phoenix] by her hoody and dragging her downstairs. Phoenix stayed at my house many times after being kicked out by Melanie. I feel really bad for her. There was a time she told me, ‘I don’t know why they brought me into this world, my father doesn’t care about me and my mother doesn’t care about me, nobody wants to support me.'”

So awful to hear…

mel b goes blind in one eye because of infection
Mel B is at the center of a damning new tell-all interview by her former personal assistant, Gary Madatyan. / (c) WENN

At her lowest point, she was allegedly drinking at least three bottles of wine every day, with multiple tequila shots sprinkled in, too, according to Gary. As you might expect, it didn’t help with the singer’s mental state. “It made her erratic, delusional and paranoid and she’s not nice to be around,” Gary alleged in the interview.

He went on (below):

“There was so many men [when Mel was drinking] and I was always concerned that she had these guys around the children. There was a time I was downstairs with the kids in the living room when she was upstairs having sex and the bed was noisy. Madison, this kid is so smart, she said, ”Gary what is that noise?’ I had to distract her by making an egg sandwich for her … Mel had a huge appetite for sex, she’d open her legs and scream at me, ”I need someone to eat my p***y”.'”

Um… WOW.

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By mid-March of 2019, the personal assistant couldn’t take it anymore, and he left Mel and her children for a better situation.

Still, it breaks his heart to know he left the daughters behind in the care of the 90s icon, and it saddens him to think how much help she needs (below):

“When I left, Melanie was is in a bad way, she was out of control, she needs help, she became delusional and was hallucinating. I did my best but it wasn’t enough. There was times when I walked into her room thinking Melanie was gonna be dead, I would walk in and she’d be sleeping and I would think, she’s gone, she’s not going to wake up. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I truly, dearly love her and her family and we did have a great time together. But she was extremely abusive to everyone around her and her children had it worst. In the end I couldn’t stand it, I was traumatized and had to get out.”

And Gary summed it up with a depressingly strong take on the whole situation, and all of his allegations, as well (below):

“This pain is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. She really needs help, I want everybody to know I’ve done my best. I hope one day she realizes what she did to me, what she did to her kids, what she did to her mother. She’s nasty and abusive to everyone in her life and once she’s done with you you’re gone. She used and abused me for two years and I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to leave. But it breaks my heart because I had to leave those kids behind.”


That is a lot to take in, especially considering the notes about her children.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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