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Mel B 'Traumatized' Watching Forgotten Sex Tapes Of Herself With Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte

mel b custody battle

Mel B is re-living an event that truly “traumatized” her with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte: the making (and re-watching) of sex tapes that she had no recollection of ever recording.
The 43-year-old Spice Girls singer has opened up about this difficult and unsettling ordeal in yet another new, shocking excerpt from her book Brutally Honest, in which she claims Stephen ended up making more than five dozen sex tapes of the two of them without her realizing it!!
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The tapes were later involved as part of her bitter divorce from Stephen, and their ensuing custody battle; Mel eventually agreed to drop domestic violence charges against Belafonte in exchange for the tapes not to be played in open court.
She explains it all in the book, now, writing in part:

“Looking back now, that was a deal I regret [dropping the charges]. That was the most difficult time for me. You see, I had to sit down and watch those tapes. It was a legal requirement, believe it or not. And you might think, ‘So what? You’re in them, aren’t you? Having sex with whoever. It’s no big deal you had to watch them.’ … But I have taken drugs. I have drunk alcohol. I have had threesomes to please my partner. I have no memory of some of the sexual situations I have seen myself in on video. I am frightened when I see myself in some of these videos. I have seen myself used sexually in a way that I did not enjoy or want. Traumatized. It is an understatement.”

Wow… talk about unsettling and downright scary!!!
But there’s more, too. Later in the book, posted in another new excerpt released in The Sun this week, Mel B relays how her father’s death in 2017 radically changed the course of her life… and even inspired her to eventually leave Belafonte once and for all.
In the passage, the momma of three writes:

“They call it the circle of life. Nature’s way of taking and then giving life back. And it took the death of my father at 3.15pm on March 4, 2017, to get my life back. I always knew there was only one man who could save me. Martin Brown. My dad. I hadn’t spoken to him since that awful row at our old house in Leeds in December 2014, and the anger and disappointment I saw in his eyes stabbed at my heart like a knife.
Despite all of that, I was his daughter, the little girl he had adored more than life itself. He might hate me, but I knew that his love still burned away underneath. In the end, it was my dad who gave me the strength to leave Stephen. My father had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer [a type of bone marrow cancer] in 2012 after an op on his spine led to further medical investigations. In 2013 he had a stem-cell transplant, which was traumatic for him and also for me because he wouldn’t speak to me when I called the hospital.
‘Face it. He doesn’t give a f**k about you,’ Stephen told me, as I cried myself to sleep.
‘When my dad dies, I’m divorcing you,’ I told Stephen by the end of 2016. He laughed, but I think he was nervous. I had stopped answering all his calls. He could sense I didn’t care.”

Mel B really is baring all here, isn’t she?
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