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Melania Trump Will 'Probably Always Be Mad' At Donald -- Especially After Guilty Verdict!

Donald Trump Begging Melania Campaign Help

She may look like she’s still playing the role of Mrs. Cult Leader… but we’re now hearing Melania Trump still isn’t over the whole Stormy Daniels thing — and never will be now that it’s a matter of historic record forever!

Just a quick rewind if you were living under a rock the past couple days… Donald Trump was found guilty in his trial Thursday, making him the first former US president ever convicted of a felony. Well, strictly speaking he’s the first former US president ever convicted of 34 felonies — all related to falsifying business records to secretly pay hush money to a porn star right before the 2016 election.

Now we can say for a fact Trump broke the law to help his chances of winning the Presidency, which may well have made the difference in that close race. Oddly that doesn’t disqualify him from running his current campaign, even if it may keep him from being allowed to vote for himself… but the conviction could well change some voters’ minds. Not his insane base, who literally believe he was ordained by God and is infallible, but the Republicans who still actually care about the rule of law. So there’s that.

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The American people have plenty of reason to be upset at Trump for his deceit and bringing shame to the White House. But one person has more reason than anyone else to be angry about all this: his wife.

Yes, Trump’s hotel escapade with Stormy Daniels — in which he disgustingly dangled a slot on Celebrity Apprentice while trying to sleep with the actress — happened while Melania was at home with their 4-month-old baby. What a disgusting guy, right?

We’ve heard before this was the one Teflon Don scandal that just wasn’t sliding off for her. The insurrection, Charlottesville, Access Hollywood, all the stories of racism, the sexual assault of E. Jean Carroll… all that was fine by Melania. But this was a betrayal against her. And she’s still pissed! A “social source” told People on Friday:

“She has been angry about this whole thing for a long time. This [New York jury’s] decision is another layer of poison for her.”

Supposedly she first learned about the Stormy Daniels affair in 2018, a full 12 years after it happened. And she was apoplectic, understandably. And yet, she’s stayed by his side. And even though this source says she’s still angry, they assure us she’ll keep playing the smiling First Lady role when necessary, like after his conviction:

“There are certain times she has to show. This could be one of those, but it would not be her idea. To stand by her man in a traditional first lady way, no.”

Oddly, the social source says despite being angry about the cheating — implying she knows it really happened — she still buys into Trump’s whole persecution complex, that it’s all a big conspiracy rigged against him:

“Melania believes this is a political assassination, but she knows exactly who she married. And for this reason has chosen to stay away from media attention to protect herself and her son Barron.”

Sorry, but WHAT?! Really?? Another source, one from the political realm, agrees:

“I think it is very unlikely she will say much about this, unless the comment would be about a political witch hunt, which she definitely believes to be true.”

That doesn’t make any sense to us, but hey — we’re only kinda unhinged. That insider does concede:

“She will probably always be mad at him for many of the things he does, but since she has carved out a life that does not include him all of the time, she is able to deal with it.”

Wow. Isn’t it romantic? Hard to believe this is the candidate getting all the churchgoers’ votes, right?

[Image via ABC News/MSNBC/YouTube.]

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