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Weight Loss Influencer Mila De Jesus' Husband Speaks Out About Her Shocking Death At 35

Weight Loss Influencer Mila De Jesus' Husband Speaks Out About Her Death In Heartbreaking Post

Mila De Jesus‘ husband is breaking his silence on her shocking passing.

The Boston-based weight loss influencer unexpectedly died last week due to a suspected cardiac arrest at just 35, leaving behind her four children and husband George Kowszik. Unfathomable. The news was first broken by her daughter Anna Clara on Instagram, asking for prayers for the family. Now her partner is finally speaking up about her death.

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On Facebook over the weekend, the 60-year-old wrote:

“I am not really good with words and talking here.. I lost my beautiful wife and my best friend yesterday that I love so much for her. I don’t know what to say.”

After some time to gather his thoughts, he returned to the social media site on Wednesday to once again post about his wife’s death. In a gut-wrenching statement, the influencer’s husband said:

“hello..Everyone of my wife’s and I friend’s and family. Your beautiful kind,caring and loving beautiful words and incredible inspiring PRAYERS… Have instilled such my life of 60yrs on this earth I ever felt.”

He went on to say he and Mila had a strong faith together, and that impacted their relationship greatly:

“My loving lord my father and my beloved Jesus and my soothing holy spirit giving me through this. I never felt real peace before my whole life. and my wife loved me and believe in me through God which impacted my life and hers together. I was short but often our lord has his own ways of his people. I will never ever forget what God has blessed me and my beautiful and her very wonderful children God has also blessed with me.”

Wrapping up his post, he expressed his grief over the sudden and unthinkable loss:

“I’m sorry I can’t talk right now.. crying too much. forgive me.”


We continue to send our love and support to George and Mila’s family. We can’t imagine what they’re going through. May she rest in peace.

[Image via Mila De Jesus/Instagram]

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