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RHONJ's Milania Giudice Lost 40 LBS In TWO MONTHS After Teresa Food-Shamed Her!

Teresa Giudice's 17-Year-Old Daughter Milania Lost 40 Pounds After RHONJ Vet Did WHAT?!

Oh, Teresa Giudice, no…

Back in eighth grade Milania Giudice lost a stunning 40 lbs! However, the speed with which she dropped the weight doesn’t sound healthy — nor does the way she was spurred on by her famous momma!

On the most recent episode of Tre’s podcast Namaste B$tches, which dropped late last Wednesday, Milania popped up to talk about her life. Among the topics of conversation during the show was a major move the now-17-year-old made back when she was in eighth grade.

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The current high school student recalled how she lost 40 pounds (!) over just two months (!!!) during her final year of middle school. She revealed on the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s online audio show that she cut almost a freakin’ third of her body weight during that super-fast shed:

“I weighed so much. My heaviest was like 150, and then when I was done [losing weight], I was like 110. I was so skinny after that. I was literally like a stick. I was so skinny because I just worked out, but I felt good.”


That’s a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time…

And honestly, it all only got more unsettling from there. While Milania said her 51-year-old momma never explicitly spoke to her about losing weight, there was apparently plenty of subtle shaming she used instead. The teen explained:

“My mom would — she would never say anything to me, but she’d be like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna have another ice cream?'”


At the time, the teen fired right back at her Bravo-backed momma, saying:

“I’d be like, ‘I don’t care if I’m fat!’ I’d be like, ‘If I’m fat, I’m fat. Whatever. It’s my life.’ I’d be like, ‘Mom, don’t say anything to me. If I’m gonna have another ice cream, I’m gonna have another ice cream!'”

And it wasn’t just Tre who got in on the action.

Milania’s three sisters — Gia, now 22, Gabriella, now 18, and Audriana, now 13 — were all apparently in on the game, too. And according to Milania, they were just as pointed in their calorie-counting commentary as their mother:

“My sisters would always throw jabs at me. Like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna have another ice cream after dinner?’ They would always throw little jabs at me, but it was fine. It was whatever.”

That’s seriously not great! Like we said up top, getting fit and focusing on healthy habits rules. But these little cutting comments are definitely NOT the best way to go about that! Especially for someone at such a sensitive age like Milania when she was in middle school. Shame ain’t the name of the game, y’all!!!

Instead of being passive aggressive, have that heart-to-heart about responsible eating. Participate. Help out!

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Milania sounded like she was pretty hard on her younger self at the time, too. In this new podcast ep, she called her old, heavier figure “a full-on pumpkin,” and noted she “literally felt suffocated in my own body.” She makes it clear it wasn’t just Tre’s comments that led her to want to change — her “glow-up” started late in that eighth grade year, and it was her own drive that got her there. Regarding the extreme weight loss, the teen noted:

“It just clicked, and I did it.”

And at that point in the show, Tre also chimed in about the situation.

She called Milania “adorable” and “beautiful,” but also noted her daughter was “just a little thicker” at the time. Then, the RHONJ vet explained her theory on not forcing change among her four daughters but, um, nudging it ever so slightly:

“They have to wanna do it themselves. You can’t force them, and I didn’t want her to have a complex or anything, and I thought she looked adorable. She was just a little thicker.”

Hmm. She’s saying she didn’t want the girl to have a complex, but you have to understand just because you don’t say something explicitly doesn’t mean you aren’t saying anything. Kids pick up on passive aggressive comments, too — and it’s clear fro this convo that Milania did!

But Tre helped, too. As Milania started taking exercise more seriously, her momma hired her a nutritionist to offer more food guidance. THAT’S the kind of help we’re talking about!

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Milania didn’t sound particularly upset about the aftermath of that middle school change, though. In fact, later in the podcast, she praised her “glow-up” by concluding like this:

“It happens to everybody. You go through a glow-up in your life. I had my glow-up when I was hitting eighth grade, I’d say.”

So, there you have it.

Maybe not the best way to go about things in the first place with all the shame-centered nudges and family pressure, ya know? Tre can say she didn’t want to give her daughter a complex, but those “have another ice cream” comments would seem to be risky as far as potentially leading right into one! Just saying!

What do y’all make of Milania’s weight loss reveal here, Perezcious readers? How would YOU have responded to Tre’s nudges in that instance??

Sound OFF with your takes down in the comments (below)…

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