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Miley Cyrus’ Salvia Bong Buddy Anna Oliver Claps Back After The Singer Dragged Her In Anniversary Post!

miley cyrus's bong buddy anna oliver claps back

You’d think 2020 has enough of its own issues without revisiting scandals from 10 years ago, but here we are!

ICYMI, Miley Cyrus dredged up a decade-old drama over the weekend when she commemorated the anniversary of her infamous 2010 bong video. The clip of an 18-year-old Miley taking a hit from a bong (which she still maintains was salvia, a legal substance) was leaked to TMZ, which caused a LOT of controversy at the time.

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Back in the day, the person who took the heat for the leak was Cyrus’s pal Anna Oliver, who can be heard on the video encouraging the singer (and promising that she was “documenting the s**t out of this right now”). Anna was promptly blasted by Miley fans for her assumed betrayal. To make matters worse, she had previously been seen hanging with Demi Lovato before the Camp Rock star’s rehab stint, so she basically became persona non grata on the Disney teen scene.

Of course, this was all ancient history until the Plastic Hearts artist brought it back up — and once again indirectly blamed Anna for the incident. Specifically, she wrote:

“(Not sure the director of this fine film should be considered a ‘friend’ but…)”

So what’s Anna’s side of the story? Well, over on her own Instagram page, a commenter asked:

“What’s your response to miles [sic] Cyrus calling you a fake friend and a drug pushing snake?? any comment please??”

Anna replied:

“sure! Here’s my response: How dare you accuse me of not being a good friend to you. You know this video was never meant to be seen by anyone other than you and I. So much so, that hearing my voice in it makes me want to puke.”

She continued:

“I was a NAIVE dumb kid back then, no doubt about it, but I had no malicious intent WHATSOEVER. I was young, far from home, having fun and doing stupid shit with my friends. Like pretty much everyone does at that age. If you were doing something dangerous or harmful I would’ve NEVER encouraged it. Ever. I loved and cared about you deeply. You were my very best friend. You (and your manager, attorney, & family) know damn well I didn’t sell or leak that video to anybody- my camera AND YOUR PHONE were BOTH stolen TOGETHER.”

Anna has claimed since back in the day that the video was stolen — and since her IG features a pic from the former child star’s birthday back in 2013, several years after the initial incident, we have to wonder if Miley did believe that, too.

anna oliver miley cyrus ig 2013
Anna’s snap from Miley’s birthday party in 2013. / (c) Anna Oliver/Instagram

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Oliver concluded:

“You know this, yet have never felt the need to mention it, even when people are threatening my LIFE because they think I’ve betrayed you. I’ve kept my mouth shut all these years, and endured an unbelievable amount of abuse from this. I’m sobbing right now as I write this. I am a good person, and pride myself on being human being and FRIEND. You should be ashamed of yourself using your power to launch this kind of character assassination. Reliving this nightmare is just the cherry on top of a fantastic 2020. Thanks.”

Oof. She’s clearly been holding onto this grudge for YEARS.

So what do U think, Perezcious readers? Are you taking new sides in the drama a decade later — maybe feeling #TeamAnna now? Or is this explanation too little, too late? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN & Anna Oliver/Instagram]

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