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Miley Cyrus Responds To Frustrated Fans Who Say They Can't Get Their Hands On Her New Album

Miley Cyrus responds to fans who are frustrated at being unable to find a physical copy of her new album Plastic Hearts.

Miley Cyrus‘ fans are PISSED they can’t get their hands on her new album, Plastic Hearts!

Because of a mix-up involving Black Friday sales, Miley ‘sfans weren’t able to purchase physical copies of the album late last week when it debuted. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but the former Hannah Montana star created the artistic packaging for this album herself, and her most fervent fans want to make sure they get a physical copy to add to their collection!

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The whole drama started to bubble over on Twitter over the weekend, when fans began to notice how they weren’t the only ones who came up empty-handed when hitting the outlets in search of the album.

More and more, Twitter users noticed the problems were happening to, well, everyone (below):

Chaos! And others chimed in upon seeing tweets like that, too!

Thousands of fans tweeted complaints to Miley, to her record label, and to various stores that evidently didn’t stock the album on its release date:

“I work at target, my store has 7 copies (still in the box they were shipped in, and theyre not for sale yet)….. and we’re only getting 8 more copies in the next 3 weeks. meanwhile there’s 40 copies of arianas new album that no one is buying”

“no albums found in London U.K. either and they’ve only just shipped my album when it was meant to arrive on the release day”

“remember when the same thing happen to 5sos and bts?? this s**t isn’t new, but it’s so f**king disheartening to see oh my god,,,, artists lose streams when labels fuck up like that”

“The same s**t happened with Chromatica. They don’t receive the shipments until Monday typically, so if you go on Friday or over the weekend chances are they won’t have it.”

Oh no! This doesn’t sound good!!

Then, on Sunday night, as the online chatter reached a fever pitch, Miley herself stepped in to explain what had happened. As it turns out, many major retailers “don’t stock physical albums on Black Friday,” which means even though that was the release date for Plastic Hearts, things have been unintentionally pushed back a bit — at least as far as physical copies are concerned.

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But as the Disney Channel alum explained in her tweet about the situation, she still hoped fans would be patient and wait out picking up the album, since single-handedly creating the artwork and packaging was “a labor of love”:

Well, shoot! There you have it!

No wonder fans are frustrated!

Also, if we’re being honest, this feels like something RCA (her label) and Miley’s business team should ABSOLUTELY have been aware of ahead of time. Special album packaging and artwork or not, the inability for stores to stock physical copies of a new album on Black Friday is a HUGE detail to miss! Big Yikes!!!

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By the way, “I’ve outgrown blame, it’s a waste of time and energy” is legitimately a meme-worthy phrase on par with Taylor Swift‘s “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,” and we can’t wait to use it in real life. We imagine it going something like this:

Mom: hey, who ate all the cookies when I was out?

Me: Uhhh… you see, I’ve outgrown blame. It’s a waste of time and energy.


Anyways, what do y’all think about the Plastic Hearts f**k-up, Perezcious readers? Who do you put the blame on here — the record label, or the stores? Was it all just bad timing with Black Friday, or what?!

Sound OFF about it with your take, down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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