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Mom Created 'First Time Sex Starter Kit' With Her 16-Year-Old Son And Now YOU Can Buy One

Mom Created 'First Time Sex Starter Kit' With Her 16-Year-Old Son (!) And Now YOU Can Buy One...

A mother of two teenagers has created a “First Time Sex Starter Kit” with the help of her 16-year-old son — AND her 19-year-old nephew! That’s awkward…

Chloe Macintosh, a French entrepreneur who lives in London with her family, opted to create the sex education app Kama after her oldest son Felix (upper inset, bottom) had a memorable conversation with his cousin, Jules (lower inset), about sex. Chloe realized quickly that a no-nonsense way for kids to learn about sex — foreplay, sexual health, sexual needs and desires, tips and tricks, and more — was something that could potentially be groundbreaking.

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The app, which is geared at teenagers who are soon to lose their virginity, came about after Chloe’s frustrations growing up in which sex was “never” a topic to discuss. Wanting Felix and her other son, 14-year-old Elliot (upper inset, top), to have healthy sex lives growing up, she was keen on creating something that could help demystify the whole ordeal.

After Felix’s aforementioned conversation with Jules during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chloe and the teenagers began creating the app at their home. And while the kids were at first (understandably) a little hesitant about the whole thing, Macintosh explained that they quickly came around to it, telling Huff Post UK (below):

“After an initial period of resistance, Felix and Elliott started to become more used to the topic and speaking about it became more and more normal.”

The app’s content includes dozens of videos in which Felix sits down with a sex coach to ask questions about intimacy and sexual health.

Macintosh explained how important it is to understand — and embrace — sex, even for teenagers. She told the outlet (below):

“We never learn how to relate, to create intimacy, to listen, to touch .So the content we wanted to put out there is more than some tips to put a condom on, but more relating to the experience and making is as relaxed and comfortable as possible.”


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In an Instagram post about the app, Macintosh further explained:

“The YOUNG ADULTS EDITION is designed for the ones who are starting to think about being sexual. It is after receiving so many messages from young aduts that we felt it was important to address their questions.”

And went on to add:

“We are starting with the Kama Starter Kit which is a handy guide to all the things we need to know in preparation for this important part of our coming of age. There are just recommendations, but only you decide what feels right for you. This is your experience, no one else.”

Here is the full post (below):

Well then!

What do U think about this, Perezcious readers?! Would U ever create a sex app with your mom???

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[Image via Chloe Macintosh/Instagram]

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