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Mom Forced To Kill Beloved Family Dog After It Attacks Baby: 'I Chose My Daughter'

Mom Kills Family Dog To Save Baby After Pit Bull Attack

A mother in southern California was forced to go to extreme measures to save her 1-year-old daughter’s life after the little girl was attacked by the family’s pet dogs.

Jamie Morales of Pico Rivera was compelled to stab the family’s pit bulls after they reportedly mauled her infant daughter late on Sunday night, according to local Los Angeles news outlets.

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Per reports, the baby, identified by the family as Ruby Cervantes, was first attacked by the family’s 3-year-old pit bull in their home after the dog was let inside following a bath. Moments later, the family’s second pit bull also entered the room and began to attack the child. Ruby’s family panicked and hurriedly tried to get the dogs away from the baby — but were unable to do so.


Speaking to ABC 7, Ruby’s grandmother Margaret Morales — who raised the dogs from the time they were puppies — recalled how she rushed into the room to try to save the baby girl:

“I walked into the kitchen and that’s when I [saw] my two daughters and my son on the floor trying to get the dogs off. Finally, my daughter got up… and that’s when I [saw] my granddaughter. I saw the dog was latched on her left leg. That’s when I had to actually get my hand into his jaws and open them up and that’s when he released her. He had her by the leg and I had to get his teeth off of her. He bit my hand and my hand’s pretty severely cut open.”

While Ruby’s grandmother was trying her best to de-escalate the situation, the little girl’s mother took more decisive action to save her daughter.

Thinking quickly, Jamie grabbed a knife and began to frantically stab the dogs in a desperate attempt to stop them from further harming her daughter.

The mournful mother told the news outlet:

“I had to stab the dog … I had to. It was either him or my daughter and I chose my daughter.”

Jamie reportedly suffered facial injuries during the horrific incident. One of the dogs died during the stabbing, and was later removed by Animal Control officers. The other animal was injured by the little girl’s protective mother and has since been removed from the home. According to NBC Los Angeles, that dog will have to be euthanized as well.

Thankfully, it appears that Ruby will recover. KTLA reports that the little girl was taken to USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she will have surgery on injuries sustained to her face and body.

Pico Rivera Mayor Monica Sanchez spoke to the media about the terrible incident, saying:

“Like many others this morning I was horrified and dismayed at the news of the unprovoked attack on a one year child by a family’s pit bulls. I’d like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and best wishes for a swift recovery for the child and injured members of the family.”

Just awful.

Here’s more on the situation, from Fox 11 Los Angeles (below):

So sad and scary all around.

Now, we just hope that poor little girl can make a full recovery.

[Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube]

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