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Mom Put Up Times Square Billboard To Help Her Daughter Find Love Before She Loses Cancer Battle!

Mom With Cancer Put Up A Times Square Billboard To Help Her Daughter Find Love – And Now She Has Admirers From All Over The World!

One momma went above and beyond to help her daughter’s journey to find love. How so, you may ask? Well, she got a massive billboard in Times Square to let the world know her baby was available!

According to People, Beth Davis put up the 47′ by 25′ advertisement in the middle of the busy area of New York City back in late December. The billboard features her 30-year-old daughter Molly Davis’ profile on the dating website Wingman. Alongside a picture of the single lady, the sign reads simply:

“Date my daughter.”


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It also includes a smaller picture of Beth, who referred to herself as “Molly’s wingman”. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Mom With Cancer Put Up A Times Square Billboard To Help Her Daughter Find Love – And Now She Has Admirers From All Over The World!
(c) Inside Edition/YouTube


This is not just a crazy move for the two, though! The 61-year-old explained that she started this mission since she may not be around long enough to see Molly find her partner in life after battling metastatic breast cancer for years now. And unfortunately, it has recently spread to other parts of her body. Oh no! Molly shared:

“There’s been a lot of times where I’ve taken care of her, which has definitely I think just created a stronger dynamic between the two of us — very open and honest.”

So Beth decided to help create the profile on Wingman over the holidays shortly after learning about some of their family member’s love stories. But why did she choose that specific dating app over others like Hinge, Bumble, or Tinder? Beth shared with the outlet that it allowed someone to set up a profile for another person and choose from a selection of possible dates for them to go on.

Inneresting twist!

When the profile eventually went up on the site, it soon caught the eye of the dating app’s founder and CEO, Tina Wilson, and she reached out to the ladies about possibly putting up the billboard to increase Molly’s chances. Tina recalls:

“When I mentioned it to Beth, I think she thought I was joking.”

We might have too if we were on the call! But they went ahead with the idea, and it was on display in Times Square just two weeks later. Wilson said of Beth’s dedication to helping her daughter to People:

“I mean, God, she’s like the best wing mom ever. She’s got real spirit.”

Molly also gushed about her mother’s support:

“Mom’s just been by No. 1 cheerleader and supporter, which is so nice.”

Although the sign will only stay up until Valentine’s Day, it has proven to be a huge success for the Boston native! Tons of people from around the world have messaged Molly already, offering to take her out on a date or to simply share their support for her journey. As for what kind of person Beth wants her daughter to end up with, she said:

“My criteria has been I’d like to see her well settled with a great family, someone with lots of family connections, and a large circle of friends that can complement Molly’s circle of friends.”

Ultimately, the momma just hopes Molly finds a “nice person” to experience all of life’s major events at the end of the day:

“I’m very hopeful that at the end of the day, I’ll have less worries if Molly is well settled with this nice person that maybe this process finds. Because I would like to think of Molly being able to have all those milestones, even if I’m not here for them.”

We are wishing Molly the best of luck in this dating game! It can certainly be a wild time! Would you ever let one of your parents help you find love like this, Perezcious readers? Or would this kind of ad just mortify you?? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Inside Edition/YouTube]

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