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Celebrity Doctor Shah-Khan & Soon-To-Be TV Talk Show Star Causes Halloween Chaos In Beverly Hills!

celebrity dentist causes chaos in Beverly Hills!

Talk about Halloween Horror!

This past weekend, paparazzi lit up Canon Drive in Beverly Hills as celebrity Dentist and Surgeon Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS was seen walking in a Halloween costume that had everyone turning their heads!

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Ch-ch-check out the masterful costume, with some awe-inspiring attention to detail:

This celebrity dentist is taking Hollywood by storm! This celebrity dentist is taking Hollywood by storm! This celebrity dentist is taking Hollywood by storm! This celebrity dentist is taking Hollywood by storm!

Scary AF! And the makeup is SO well done!!!

Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS, runs his own practice and surgery center in Chicago, Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery, but has all of Hollywood talking about him. He’s one of the best cosmetic dentists & surgeons in the country and celebrities and influencers regularly come to him when they need that movie star smile.

The handsome Doctor has caught the attention of several networks and studios to do his own celebrity healthcare show and was reported to have been seen at ABC headquarters and the E! Network. Dr. Shah-Khan has impressed executives with his charming personality, style, and ability to break down complex medical issues in a way anyone can understand, and that millennials find entertaining.

He recently said in an interview:

“There’s so much important medical information coming from the media these days, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many people who have a hard time understanding or don’t trust what they hear. As a clinician treating a wide range of patients, I can empathize with that. I can articulate these issues in a way everyone can understand and at the same time enjoy the content I create. Healthcare is important for all of us, and I’ll bring it to you with style.”

Last week Dr. Shah-Khan was seen leaving Il Pastaio and it is now reported he is in the process of filming his own show. Seems like the talks went well for the star!

It’s even being rumored several TikTok and Instagram stars are interested in doing a collaboration with him on their channels in a campaign aimed at educating young people about ways to stay healthy, and making everything about the COVID-19 pandemic easy to understand.

Sounds like a great idea!

With his exotic looks and that smile, Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS, will take Hollywood by storm!

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Oct 31, 2020 19:59pm PDT