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Naomi Watts Talks 'Great' Sex Life With New Husband Billy Crudup!

Naomi Watts Talks 'Great' Sex Life With New Husband Billy Crudup!

Cover your ears, Liev Schreiber! Naomi Watts is giving all the deets about her sex life with her new man!

After meeting Billy Crudup on the set of Netflix‘s Gypsy in 2017, and finally making their marriage official in a sweet intimate ceremony this June, the King Kong actress is getting real about how good things are between them! While speaking at an at Canoe Place Inn & Cottages in Hampton Bays on Thursday, the 54-year-old had lots to say in the conversation titled Unlocking Intimacy: Navigating Passion in Midlife.

Doctors Suzanne Fenske and Somi Javaid joined Naomi in the panel, and she addressed the room with the statement that menopause doesn’t always cause the libido to go down — sometimes it goes UP:

“We’ve heard tonight that there are complications, keeping the sex and the libido alive and everything, but sometimes people have the complete reverse effect. In fact, I think there was a time, generations ago, and talking about what menopause actually was… it was hysteria and some women were nymphomaniacs. Like we were just crazy old crows that wanted sex too much.”

In fact, The Impossible alum says she prefers post-menopausal sex for this reason:

“I personally think sex becomes more pleasurable when you take out the fear of like making babies… when you know it’s not the right time… like what is that expression… ‘closed for business, open for pleasure!’ It feels more, ‘I’m going to do this for myself’… you’re more confident with yourself, you’ve had experience, you’re wiser, you’re not going to be all like, ‘Oh I want to turn the lights down.'”

Regarding her new marriage to the 55-year-old, she says they’re still in the “honeymoon phase” — but regardless of the phase you’re in, communication is key:

“I’m newly married, in the honeymoon stage I suppose, so it might sound easy for me to say, but I do think communication is the biggest key here. Like whatever it is you’re going through, if you can talk to your partner, if you can be honest and have a really authentic conversation and take away the awkwardness, and most of the time if they’re good people, they will be empathetic and that’s hot, that’s really hot when you can be honest and the conversation lands really well to the point where, ‘yeah we got through the awkwardness and now like, let’s kick off some fun.'”

Extremely good point! The more comfortable you are with your partner, the better things tend to get most of the time!

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The Academy Award winner went on to say when she first got with her new hubby, she was pretty shy about the fact she was wearing estrogen patches at the time, due to her early onset menopause. She’s always been open about the fact she went into menopause at the young age of 36 — and she felt some serious insecurity around that with the actor:

“This is a little bit personal but in the beginning of my relationship, I was wearing my patch and I was nervous that my new lover was going to see it … So, I remember the doctor at the beginning said ‘go to the hardware store and get this oil that you use on your car to get it off,’ because it’s very sticky and it takes days… like that adhesive it just sits there and it looks like a bullet wound! … So I went into the bathroom just before it would start and I’d be in there [scrubbing my skin] and then I’d come out and my gorgeous partner said, ‘Are you okay? Is everything okay?'”

Wow! She went to some serious lengths to get rid of that adhesive, but it didn’t stay that way for long. The Mulholland Drive actress ended up being honest, and telling her new man the truth:

“And the minute I brought honesty into the room, despite how awkward and hard that was for me – I’ve had so much shame about it – he knew how to behave, he knew what cues to follow, he was 100 per cent empathetic and I can safely say we went on to have you know, pretty great sex that night.”

She went on to add that now she has no problem “boldly” saying what she wants:

“It gets exhausting having all these rules and this ideology of how you must look, so I just tend to find myself being in a position where I just need to get what I want and say it boldly. I think it takes experience and growing into yourself and getting to know what you love and like, and you can’t learn that or buy that, that is just the upside of leaning into this phase of life, and so I think a lot of women are horny at this age.”

Love it! And as for how she likes it in the bedroom? Well, she gave a pretty cheeky answer when asked what her fav position is:

“On top, underneath! Right now I’m not fussy!”

Yes! Get it, girl!

At the end of the conversation, however, the Adore star touched on the importance of discussing menopause — and doing so more openly and without shame:

“Half the population is going to head there and then the rest of the population will be indirectly affected by it. The thing about menopause is that there’s no one size fits all, it hits us all so differently, but it seems like the door has been cracked open. Everyone is just coming charging and ready to scream and shout about it, it’s heartening. I feel that we can feel good about the next generation and actually it should start in sex education, this is the adult version of puberty. The story begins here, at the beginning, and then there’s the middle and then this is this is the other side of it, but it is not the end.”

AH-Mazing! We hope discussing important topics relating to women’s health like this only becomes more common and carefree in the future. Now is not the time to stay quiet!

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