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Did Odell Beckham Jr 'Flirt' With Kim Kardashian's Sisters Before They Started Dating??

Did Odell Beckham Jr 'Flirt' With Kim Kardashian's Sisters Before They Started Dating??

Odell Beckham Jr. may be going steady with Kim Kardashian now, but what about his former connections with some of the OTHER KarJenner sisters?? Well, a body language expert is weighing in!

As we all saw over the weekend, the SKIMS founder and the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver sorta soft launched their rumored relationship when they were pictured walking together in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. To the untrained eye, it just looked like a couple of giddy people having some fun… but to body language expert Judi James, there’s a whole story being told.

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Judi told The US Sun on Thursday:

“Kim showed off all her compatibility signals. This included the A-lister cover-up ritual they did at the hotel. Odell walked ahead of Kim, to avoid being photographed as a couple. He looked cool about the fact that she was following behind, with her head dipped under a Stetson. The couple carried out the perfect ritual to attract attention because the two stars are now a couple. Odell seemed happy to accompany the performance.”

Boy, that’s a lot to take from a short clip! But does Odell’s “performance” run even deeper?

Eight years ago, MANY many moons before he and Kim ever aroused whispers of romance, he actually sparked some with Khloé Kardashian. While at a party together, the Good American co-founder was spotted in close quarters with the footballer. He sat down, legs spread, as Khloé cuddled up close to him with her hand on his thigh. At the time, fans speculated the two were dating, but the reality star shut down the rumors on X (Twitter):

“TWIMC: Sorry to burst your bubble. When a couple drinks, a little flirting and an invasion of privacy collide things may look crazy”

LOLz! He may have denied dating, but he admitted the flirting! Awkward in retrospect! But Judi dove deeper into the interaction. She told the outlet:

“With Khloé, he showed more of a bad boy image appeal than with Kim. His legs were splayed wide, and he had one hand on his knee. The sleeveless black top showed his biceps and tattoos, and the ripped shorts featured his thighs. Odell looked up into Khloé’s face with a more sensual, sexy, and appreciative facial expression. He partially closed his eyes and showed a hanging-open mouth. “Khloé was standing in between his splayed thighs. This created an intimate proximity between her butt and his pelvis. She turned to bring their faces close, although her folded arms formed a barrier gesture.”

Wow… Is she a body language expert or a fan fiction author?? LOLz! The expert added:

“This sexy version of Odell did not look like a man who would sit giggling over flossing stories, like he did with Kendall [Jenner].”

Oh, yeah, that’s right… Because he totally shot a Moon commercial with Kenny!

In 2021, OBJ teamed up with Kendall to promote her oral hygiene brand, and they definitely had sort of a flirtatious vibe going. See for yourself (below):

Bubble baths, yeah?? We see you, Odell! Judi surmised of this footage:

“He looks laid-back and submissive, much less confident than Kendall. There are signs of an easy-going playfulness that shapes up with some friendly flirting over tooth flossing. Part of the appeal of their behavior together is Odell’s easy-going, almost shy charm in the face of Kendall’s toothpaste teasing. Good adverts use good chemistry that makes you smile to watch it. He mirrors her delivery style to sound and acts like a teenager excitedly discussing flossing.”

She continued:

“Odell jokes about taking a warm bubble bath. He smiles and does urring signals as he makes her giggle. She uses hair-preen touches, and he claps his hands to show approval. Kendall and Odell make a sweet double act. Kendall and Odell make a sweet double act.”

We kinda can’t argue that… So what does this all mean for Kim? Well Judi told the outlet:

“Odell’s integration into the Kardashian family has been successful and is now complete via Kim. Odell had been creating bonds with the other sisters. Given the types Kendall and Khloé go for, it is unsurprising. Odell’s body language with Kim, Kendall, and Khloé suggests that he is easy-going and malleable. This should be perfect for any Kardashian sister. Only Odell’s smile is almost always a constant; he even smiles when talking. His eyes are often heavy-lidded, to suggest a relaxed approach to life. This would attract anyone with an established brand, who needs a more compliant guy who would fit into their lifestyle. Kim is the Kardashian who has fallen for him. He seems to have entered Kim’s life, but it looks slow moving.”

After being with the Kanye West and Pete Davidson types, that’s probably a welcome trait for Kim! Judi added:

“Now it seems Odell is well and truly on the Kardashian scene. He looks happy to go along with the flow with Kim rather than be fast-moving or a disrupter like Kanye and Pete. His visual style looks flexible but there are clues he changes depending on who he is dating or socializing with. For the Kardashian lifestyle, Odell looks like a man who would land slowly and without making too many ripples.”


Man, first he was spotted at a strip club, and now all this about flirting with Kimmy Kakes’ sisters?? We wonder how she feels!

How do YOU feel? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

[Images via Vogue & Hulu/YouTube, & MEGA/WENN]

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