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Caitlyn Jenner Had A STONE COLD Reaction To OJ Simpson's Death! Damn!

Caitlyn Jenner Had A STONE COLD Reaction To O.J. Simpson's Death! Damn!

Caitlyn Jenner‘s reaction to O.J. Simpson‘s death is BRUTAL! Holy s**t!!!

ICYMI earlier on Thursday, the former NFL star — who was infamously acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman after the so-called trial of the century in 1995 — passed away on Wednesday at 76 years old after a brief battle with cancer. Ever since that news was announced very early on Thursday morning, X (Twitter) users have been sharing their thoughts on Simpson’s life, death, and the 1994 double murder. And now, Kris Jenner‘s ex has weighed in, too.

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The former Olympic decathlete needed just two words to deliver her reaction to O.J.’s passing:

That’s, uh, quite the reaction.

So, there’s obviously a ton of history here. For one, Caitlyn was married to Kris Jenner for a long time. And before that, Kris was married to Robert Kardashian Sr., with whom she had Kourtney Kardashian and her younger siblings KimKhloé, and Rob. The elder Robert was a longtime attorney in El Lay and one of O.J.’s best friends. After the murders occurred, Robert — who by then was no longer practicing law, nor was he married to Kris — served as a VERY close adviser to the former football star and his legal defense team. Plus, there’s another link: Nicole was Kris’ best friend prior to her death. When Nicole (and Ron) were murdered, Kris obviously struggled very much with the sudden and traumatic end.

Thus, there are a ton of KarJenner connections to the Simpson universe — many of which you probably know by now. But that’s not all! Caitlyn’s beef with O.J. went beyond just her (now divorced) alliance with Kris. Beyond that, Caitlyn plain didn’t like the ex-Buffalo Bills star! At ALL!!! In her 2017 autobiography The Secrets Of My Life, the 74-year-old wrote this about meeting Simpson:

“We had both come out of the same world of the male athlete with all its stereotypes and behavioral expectations, a type of identity that I come to call the male athlete gender. I struggled against it because of my issues and extreme discomfort in that world and its constant objectification of women, and the endless bragging about f**king to the point where you had to wonder what these guys were really hiding. OJ was at the completely opposite side of the spectrum as me — women as eye candy and sex toys, physically abusive when he did not get his way or felt he was being defied, the loud life of the party anywhere and anytime, like so many other athletes.”

Damn!! And she wasn’t done there. The I Am Cait alum and former Olympic legend continued with this very frank assessment of the Naked Gun actor:

“If I looked in the mirror and loathed myself, I looked at OJ and saw a monster of a male athlete. I wonder if this contributed to my feelings of awkwardness around him, that even if he embodied an archetype that people expected from me. There were other contributing factors in my distaste for him: he was the most narcissistic, egocentric, neediest a**hole in the world of sports I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of them.”


And even that isn’t everything here! As you may recall, back in 2019, Caitlyn appeared on the Australian version of the reality TV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! During her run on that show, co-stars asked her about O.J., and she didn’t hesitate to name him as Nicole and Ron’s killer! Caitlyn explained at the time:

“It was an extraordinarily difficult time. Nicole was Kris’ best friend. Had been for a long time. I was at Nicole’s house two days before the murder. Obviously he did it, and he got away with it, and at one point he even told Nicole, ‘I’ll kill you and get away with it ’cause I’m O.J. Simpson.’ And Nicole relayed that on to Kris at one point, and unfortunately she was right.”

On camera, Caitlyn added:

“We were at the courthouse [in 1995]. We’re watching what’s going on in the other room, and even after the not guilty verdict, the first thing Kris turns around to me and goes, ‘we should have listened to Nicole. She was right right from the beginning.'”

Oof. So, yeah, to say there is a lot of history here is quite the understatement. Still, what a f**king thing to post. This “good riddance” business goes beyond shade. Ya know?! What do U make of Caitlyn’s reaction to O.J.’s death, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

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