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Oliver Hudson Admits He Cheated On His Wife Before Their Wedding -- And Doesn't Regret It!

Oliver Hudson Admits He Cheated On His Wife Before Their Wedding -- And Doesn't Regret It!

Oliver Hudson CHEATED on Erinn Bartlett before they got married — and he says he doesn’t regret it?! WTF!

Kate Hudson‘s brother had a lot to say on the latest episode of the Sibling Revelry podcast. When speaking about the time leading up to his 2006 marriage, he revealed he made some HUGE mistakes:

“When I got engaged, something happened psychologically, and I spiraled, and I was unfaithful, and I was cheating, and I was crazy.”

Wow. It’s not unheard of for people to get cold feet after getting engaged. Marriage is a big commitment! But he’s talking like it was out of his control!

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He went on to say he never got caught but came clean to Erinn because of his conscience:

“I never got caught. I told her everything because I couldn’t live with myself and get married and be married and have children with this sort of weight.”

(Is it just us or is he kinda giving himself credit for that one?)

The 47-year-old then said his mom Goldie Hawn encouraged him to look at “the totality of the relationship”:

“And my mother played a big part in it as well. Where it’s about looking at the entirety and the totality of the relationship, not just the action. Even though it might seem extreme, let’s dig in a little bit into why and looking at the whole person rather than this one affliction.”

Look into why? Look at the totality of the relationship? As if somehow Erinn is partially to blame for him cheating on her? WTF! To make matters worse, Oliver even says he doesn’t regret cheating on her since it all worked out:

“I was going through whatever I was going through and we were able to sort of therapy and do all of it and get through it. And honestly, if that didn’t happen I don’t know what kind of a person I would be. So do I regret it? I mean no, I guess not. I regret causing pain. I don’t want to cause anyone any pain.”

So the ends justify the means? Hooking up with all those randos made him a better person? Yeesh. To explain his perspective in more detail, the actor went on to say:

“Regret is an interesting word. I’m not sure I have many regrets because if I didn’t, it was a choice that I made, whether it was a positive one or a negative one. I’ve made some horrible, horrible choices in my life just generally. You would think I regret doing that, but I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t make that choice.”

He doesn’t “know who” he’d be if he didn’t cheat? You’d be a faithful husband, Oliver! That’s Who! LOLz!

Despite his cheating, the pair went on to get married and have three children together: Wilder Brooks, 16, Bodhi Hawn, 13, and Rio Laura, 10. They’ve been married nearly 18 YEARS now. We hope he’s stayed true to her since then! She’s certainly a very forgiving woman…

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