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Pamela Anderson A Homewrecker?! New Husband's Ex Claims Star 'Seduced' Her Boyfriend & Broke Up Family Of 5!

Pamela Anderson Husband Ex Homewrecker

You may have missed the story since it happened so fast, but Pamela Anderson is once again a married woman! After several misses at being a Mrs., the iconic Playboy model fell in love with her bodyguard last year during quarantine and got married on Christmas Eve. Trés romantic, no? Like a Hallmark movie waiting to happen…

Only… life is never really that simple is it?

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And the other side of the story we heard on Wednesday comes courtesy of new hubby Dan Hayhurst‘s ex-girlfriend. According to Carey (who is keeping the rest of her name undisclosed to protect her privacy), Pam came in like an hourglass-shaped wrecking ball and destroyed their family. Which, by the way, is a family of five. Carey told The Sun:

“I decided to speak out because I want people to know that my almost five-year relationship, with three children involved, ended because of the affair Pam and Dan started while he was still with me.”

BTW, the children are from previous relationships. Carey had one, Dan had two. But the couple were together for five years, they even moved to Vancouver Island together as a family four years back. It does sound awfully like this was a real Brady Bunch situation before Pam came in. Ouch. She continued:

“It’s sad that people celebrate this and cheer them on, when it started with deceit, denials and life-shattering choices for all the people involved.”

So what happened?! According to Carey, the story Pam is feeding the public is a work of rom com fiction:

“It wasn’t this romance that happened overnight. He worked with her for over six months before any of that happened. He wasn’t her bodyguard then, he is a handyman, she hired him to work on her house.”

Carey says Dan was hired as a contractor on Anderson’s home in Ladysmith in the fall of 2019. She says that at first, her man complained about how “crazy” the 53-year-old was — that she was overly demanding as a boss. In a text message Carey provided, he allegedly wrote:

“The dragon has been released! Talking about Pam.”

Carey recalls:

“I would say, ‘What are you doing? You need to get out of that job. It’s crazy.'”

The craziest thing happened in January of 2020 — you may have heard about it: Pam got married to movie producer Jon Peters and then split just 12 days later:

“There was the crazy stint when she married that guy Jon Peters for two weeks. She had told all the contractors she had got married so then when I saw the news about it I texted Dan. He replied back saying, ‘Hahaha he’s older than her dad, but I think our money issues are over’, which he meant because the guy is rich. I thought that was pretty ruthless of him. He really didn’t seem to get on with her at all.”

It wasn’t until March that things really changed; Carey remembers:

“The worm turned. Covid happened and it just seemed to happen overnight. Dan would stay at her house and not come home, and here I am taking care of the kids.”

Yeesh. That’s… yeah, no good explanation for that, is there?

“At first he denied it when I confronted him but then, finally, I asked him, ‘Are you sleeping with Pam?’ He said, ‘All I’m going to say is I’ve crossed the line.'”

UGH. What a guy thing to say.

Apparently Dan got greedy and tried to have his cake and eat Pam, too:

“At first he said, ‘I want you to stay in our house. I don’t want you to go. I just need to figure things out.’ Later he apologized to me. He said, ‘Carey, I love you. I don’t know what is going on right now. I’m not in my right head right now. I’m not in a good space.’ He asked me to give him time to figure things out so I just let him do what he was doing.”

But it wasn’t something time could fix:

“And there was no turning back by then. I had met Pam and had gone to dinner with her. My daughter used to work for her. I couldn’t believe it.”

In July, Dan moved out to live with Pam for good.

Speaking of Carey’s daughter, she backed up her mom’s story 100%. Denise, who also worked for Pam, told The Sun about Dan’s dalliance:

“I was shocked when I learned about it. I just thought, ‘How can this even be a thing?’ I’m here working with them full-time and I had no idea. And the fact that he had a family, we were a blended family, he has two young kids and obviously she’s quite a lot older. What was his thought process? What was going on in his mind?”

The 21-year-old is annoyed that the real story is being covered up; she says:

“I was so shocked. It’s something so unreal, like something straight out of the movies. I can’t believe it. Everyone thinks it’s this lockdown love story and nobody knows that there was an affair and there’s this family involved. And I think the hardest part is that people are being fed this one-sided fairytale story when in reality there’s so much more to it. It’s damaged a lot of people’s lives. It’s been really difficult for my mum. She totally stepped up and was a full-time mum to those kids. It’s been hard to watch her go through that.”

Denise makes clear this wasn’t a relationship ending, with an ex finding comfort in the arms of another woman; this was a happy, committed relationship:

“There was no rough patch or things being bad at home, things were completely normal throughout the entire thing until this happened.”

How was Pam’s version of events off? We mean, besides him not really being a bodyguard? Carey points out it serves to erase her and her family. For instance, in her interview, Pam said she had been with Dan for a year — but she had only known him as a contractor at first. Heck, she was married to someone else for part of that year.

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Then there was the wedding the Baywatch star claimed had the blessing of family and friends. Carey disputes that point, saying:

No one was invited to the wedding. He texted his mum the night before the ceremony and he said, ‘I’m getting married tomorrow, keep this on the DL and don’t say anything’. And she didn’t reply. Like she obviously respected it because it’s her son, but she wasn’t invited. It doesn’t even seem like a real wedding.”

The marriage itself may be the most painful wound. Carey explains that she and Dan were committed partners, or so she thought — and both agreed they didn’t want to get married:

“Dan and I never got married because I don’t ever want to. To me it’s nothing, it’s a piece of paper and it causes problems when you want to get out of it. And he had told me, ‘I’ll never get married again’. And then here we are, six or eight months or whatever the hell they are into their relationship and they’re married.”

This whole thing has been a shock, but the sudden marriage is just a twist of the knife.

“I just think, ‘Wow, who are you? Who is the man I was with for five years?’ None of this makes sense.”

Carey also had some tea to spill about the new relationship, painting a portrait not of two happy adults who’ve found one another but of two reckless teens:

“When he turned 40 last year she bought him a boat. He’s smashed her car three times now, and her boat twice. It’s a walking mess. They sit on their property drinking — it’s like the Dan and Pam show.”

The scorned lover says she thinks the relationship is yet another doomed one for Pam:

“[Dan] can be very manipulative so in a sense they are made for each other, but I don’t see this lasting. I’d be very surprised.”

Denise agrees, implying this is just a quarantine fling:

“Pam doesn’t have the best marriage track record, that’s for sure. So when Covid is over and she can go back to traveling and whatnot, I really don’t see it working.”

In the end it sounds like Carey is authentically heartbroken by the split. She’s now moved out of the home the family once shared and is trying to move on:

“We were all totally blindsided by this, it’s been so hard for us. And it’s not just me and the kids, lots of people have been hurt by them. Dan has lost friendships and business relationships because of this.”

Yeesh. What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is this the real story of what happened? A bitter ex lashing out? Is the truth somewhere in between? And will Pam and Dan last? Or did he throw away his relationship for another temporary situation?

[Image via Oscar Gonzalez/WENN/Netflix/YouTube.]

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