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Paris Hilton Under Fire For Dangerous Video Of Her Kids In Their Car Seats!

Paris Hilton Under Fire For Dangerous Video Of Her Kids In Their Carseats! Is She Serious??

Paris Hilton is getting BLASTED for potentially putting her kids in harm’s way!

On Monday, the socialite took to her TikTok to share a video of her “new #SlivingMom van.” Inside the car, her kiddos, Phoenix, 1, and London, 6 months, were buckled up in their car seats while all dressed up, possibly for a Mother’s Day brunch. But fans couldn’t pay attention to anything else ’cause they were so worried about the car seats being installed incorrectly!

Both children were facing forward (not recommended for babies) with a seatbelt strap crossing their laps. Phoenix was even playing with his, which seems like a major safety issue!

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And to add to that, London appeared to be in a Doona car seat which are 100% meant to be rear-facing only! What’s the point if you’re just going to ignore all the proper instructions?!? That’s not going to keep them protected should something happen! Also, it looked like the girl’s seat was missing its necessary base, too, and fans were concerned that their shoulder straps appeared to be super loose. So many red flags! See (below):


Paris Hilton’s new video showing her kids in their car seats in her new mom van sparked a discussion about child safety among fans. The socialite posted a clip of her infant daughter London and son Phoenix buckled into their car seats – but fans quickly flooded the comments with concerns about how the car seats were installed, noting that the infant and toddler were sitting in forward-facing seats. ???? Paris Hilton #parishilton #celebrity #entertainment #children #safety #news

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Taking to the comments, one user begged the reality star to “hire someone to install car seats” correctly while another straight up offered to “come help [her] with the straps” to keep the “babies as safe as can be.” Others pointed out:

“Please dble chk [sic] the car seat manu’s recs on if you can use the latch & belt at the same time. Usually hard no. Also, rear facing until 2ys is usually law.”

“I love Paris Hilton, but how come none of her assistants or nannies told her that these car seats should be rear-facing for safety”

“Can someone please teach Paris Hilton proper car seat safety coz she has me NERVOUS with her front facing babies with a seatbelt across their laps

Meanwhile, a few people came to the Stars Are Blind singer’s defense, with one person suggesting it was all “fine” because the children were “not strapped into a typical car.” But, uh, not sure how that changes much. They still need to be using the car seats in the way the manufacturer intended for them to work!

Others wondered if maybe The Simple Life star was merely playing a prank on fans. She’s been ridiculed for her parenting so much, maybe she was trying to get viewers riled up on purpose, y’know? But we kinda doubt it considering she has since deleted the video — suggesting she’s not a fan of the backlash.

Let’s just hope she’s following all the appropriate safety measures when she actually takes her car for a spin! Reactions?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Paris Hilton/TikTok]

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