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Police Let Scary David Eason Come Home To 'Protect' Jenelle Evans After Break-In!

Police Let Scary David Eason Come Home To 'Protect' Jenelle Evans After Break-In!

This story just keeps getting wilder and wilder!

If you’ve been following, you know Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been having a LOT of issues, like you know, when he slaughtered the family dog or allegedly abused her teen son Jace Evans. Recently the Teen Mom alum FINALLY got wise and filed for separation! Though we have since heard the reason may have been more about Jenelle’s raging jealousy of David. Sigh. Shocker.

But the drama with Jenelle doesn’t stop with marital woes! Early last month, the MTV star revealed in a TikTok she was the victim of a scary break in attempt:

“He was yanking as hard as he could on my back door. I’m sitting there freaking out, I ended up calling 911. It’s the most terrifying conversation I’ve ever had with 911 in my life. I legit turned into, like, a little baby and was crying my eyes out. I was terrified.”

Terifying! But something even scarier came out of that situation, according to Jenelle’s manager August Keen. He told The US Sun on Monday:

“During the very traumatic experience Jenelle and Jace endured during the break-in, the police allowed for David to come home to protect his family.”

We’re sorry, but WTF??

The same David whose idea of protecting the family is to brutally kill a sweet little dog because it barked at his daughter?? The same David with child abuse charges against him after that supposed strangulation incident?! What’s even wilder is Jace had a protective order on him at the time, and the 35-year-old was supposed to stay away — but apparently he needed to come back and “protect” the very kid he allegedly abused in the first place — and the local cops let him! Oof.

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August also revealed it was during this time that Jenelle made her decision to officially file for separation:

“During those few days together, Jenelle expressed to me that David had said a few things that caused her to make her final decision and submit the documents for separation … The ball was in his court and unfortunately he didn’t take the time while being together during this moment to ease her suffering or worry. This is what ultimately led to the legal separation.”

You mean this guy didn’t set her mind at ease? Shocker!

jenelle evans responds after fans horrified that david eason carries gun around children

But in all seriousness, that man would not make us feel safe. Not with the stories we’ve heard of child abuse, animal abuse, and spousal abuse. Not to mention threatening the government. That’s a scary, scary man right there.

Though Jenelle’s rep is still denying the abuse ever happened:

“David did not abuse Jace, otherwise it would have ended sooner than the no contact order the courts placed on David due to the child abuse allegations … [it was] because of the no-contact order, that they were forced to temporarily separate.”

Meanwhile, August claims Jenelle might’ve still taken David back had it not been for a lack of communication while he was living on her boat:

“Things may or may not have been able to be smoothed over, but David stopped communicating with Jenelle for a couple of days while on the boat. Me and Jenelle were actually really worried about David considering the situation we had no idea where he was, she was actually happy he was ok and we were all relieved seeing him at a bar via social media. So NO the bar was NOT really an issue for her.”

Wait, he’s saying that story of Jenelle’s jealousy, the thing about the bar, that wasn’t true? So their official story is, there was no abuse and no concern about infidelity, but she’s separating from him because… OK, we’re stumped.

Are U getting this, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF with your opinions in the comments (below).

[Image via Jenelle Evans/David Eason/Instagram]

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