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The REAL Reason Jenelle Evans Broke Up With Husband David Eason?!

Why Jenelle Evans split from David Eason

Is this the reason Jenelle Evans finally decided to walk away from her now-estranged husband David Eason for good? Not abuse at all??

Last month, the 32-year-old former reality star filed separation documents from the 35-year-old — accusing him of abuse, confirming he murdered the family dog, and more. All of that is more reason than most would ever need to break up with a guy! But we’re hearing there’s more behind why she pulled the plug on their marriage after several tumultuous years together. And it all comes down to jealousy.

As we previously reported, Child Protective Services had to step in last year after Jenelle’s son Jace Evans had been “hiding” from his stepdad, who had allegedly “assaulted” him. While CPS closed the case against the former couple, David is still facing felony charges for the alleged incident and has a no-contact order against him for the teen. In order to have Jace back at home with Jenelle, David moved to her boat docked in a marina in the area. The Teen Mom alum claimed in the separation docs he had been “spending his days drinking liquor at a bar” nearby.

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But there’s apparently more to that story. A source told The US Sun on Friday that David and Jenelle initially planned on having him stay on the boat for only two weeks while they worked out what would happen with Jace once he was back in the MTV personality’s custody again. Then David was meant to return home!

What?! So they weren’t broken up at that point? It was a legal maneuver?? Jenelle did not plan on leaving him — even after he allegedly assaulted Jace? Apparently, not. But something else happened during this time to finally crack her loyalty and end their relationship…

The insider explained that after David left the house, Jenelle saw a video he posted on social media, at a bar doing shots… with another woman in the background! Uh oh. And Jenelle allegedly freaked out! The source said:

“David left the house supposedly for two weeks so Jace could get his affairs in order. While David was gone he posted something on Instagram Stories, and Jenelle started flipping out about this post. She was angry that he posted himself doing shots, she was yelling about how he doesn’t even do shots, and that there was a girl in the background at the bar.”

It turned out the woman in question was only a bartender. However, that didn’t matter to wildly jealous Jenelle. She was furious David was not upset over the current situation the family was in and instead was out partying with a woman. Mind you, she noted in her separation docs he had not checked in once with their daughter Ensley AND left his 16-year-old daughter Maryssa behind at their house. No wonder she was pissed! In fact, she “grew jealous” and got so “mad” she decided to break up with him once and for all:

“She was so mad and triggered over that post and that David wasn’t crying on the boat, and that triggered everything. That was it, that was the moment she was pissed off enough to say that she wasn’t going to be with him anymore.”


We can’t say we are surprised Jenelle got mad at him for just being in the room with another woman. This isn’t the first time she’s been more bothered by his potential cheating than by his violence! Remember, he sent several eyebrow-raising text messages to his ex, Whitney Rich, last year about how much he missed her and wished things were different between them. Basically, everything a wife wouldn’t want her husband texting another woman! And it drove her nuts! Jenelle seemed to forgive him then, but this recent incident apparently pushed her over the edge. Oof.

Whatever the reason, jealousy or not, we’re glad Jenelle broke away from this jerk. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via MTV’s Teen Mom/YouTube, Jenelle Evans/Facebook]

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