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Prince William & Princess Catherine Are 'Shocked' By The Conspiracy Theories -- Really????

Prince William & Princess Catherine Are 'Shocked' By The Conspiracy Theories -- Really????

Prince William and Princess Catherine are SUPER upset about this ongoing media frenzy!

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, who spoke to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, the royals are “shocked” by the many conspiracy theories that have emerged amid Kate Middleton‘s recovery from abdominal surgery. She explained:

“I know from the sources that I’ve spoken to that both William and Kate have been pretty shocked and genuinely surprised by the wild rumors that are circulating on the internet.”

They are?? Even though they’ve made it SO easy for fans to fall down these wild rabbit holes?

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Interestingly, the heir to the throne is feeling the most “anger” over the PR nightmare! Katie added:

“I think there’s a sense of frustration, possibly even anger, certainly on William’s part.”

No doubt he’s angry about his alleged affair resurfacing! While the source didn’t address that, she did point out several other internet theories about Kate:

“I think the suggestions that [Kate’s] had, well, anything as crazy as a bad haircut that she’s needed to grow out to cosmetic surgery that’s gone wrong or people speculating that possibly she’s in a coma, I think that has made the Prince of Wales frustrated, upset and pretty angry as well. It’s been difficult for them. I think they’re trying to ignore as much as they can.”

But with it being one of the most talked about controversies at the moment, that’s nearly impossible! She pointed out:

“But, of course, this is a couple who have had to embrace social media. They’ve got an Instagram handle, they’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers. They certainly don’t have their heads in the sand. They are aware of what is being written and what is being said. And I think there’s a sense of frustration that they can’t bring an end to it.”

LMFAO?! But they literally CAN bring an end to it! In so many ways! They have all the power here! A great start would be to release the unedited family photo Kate uploaded on Mother’s Day! That alone sparked so much additional speculation!

But, instead, they’re seemingly relying on public sightings that haven’t been very convincing yet! Like many others, the expert was surprised to see that the 42-year-old’s trip to the Windsor Farm Shop over the weekend wasn’t enough to have “quashed all of the fevered speculation about the Princess of Wales.” She mused:

“You would have thought that the video, which showed her walking at quite a brisk pace, carrying a shopping bag, looking pretty healthy and happy, and chatting in a very relaxed way with her husband, would have just dampened out all of the rife speculation that has really been circulating on the internet for weeks now. But, unbelievably, many of those theories are still circulating on the internet.”

The problem is Kensington Palace let this go on way too long. And now they’ve lost all their trust with the public! That said, the couple is likely very aware that the speculation won’t stop until people can see with their own eyes that the mother of three is “back to her normal, happy, healthy self.” Unclear how they’ll do that, but they’re gonna need to stop ignoring this scandal and come up with a real plan of action soon if they finally want to be done with the drama!

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