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Prince William Responds To All The Princess Catherine Rumors!!

Prince William Responds To All The Princess Catherine Rumors!!

As the Princess Catherine conspiracy theories grow worse, Prince William is finally speaking out!

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the Prince of Wales addressed the ongoing worry and speculation over the well-being and whereabouts of Catherine since she underwent an unexplained abdominal surgery in January. The spokesperson told People:

“His focus is on his work and not on social media.”

Oof! Do they really expect us to believe he doesn’t know what the internet’s saying about his wifey?! It’s all anyone’s been talking about these days!

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As we’ve been covering, ever since folks realized Kate Middleton hadn’t been seen since December, rumors spread about what could really have her out of commission until after Easter. There’s been no medical explanation publicly revealed to explain her surgery, of course. From coma claims to plastic surgery jokes, all kinds of theories have been thrown out there, and a few have been shut down by the palace.

Then, on Monday, the Princess of Wales made her first public appearance since this drama began as she was photographed riding in a car with her mom, Carole Middleton, near Windsor Castle. Only problem? People think it was a lookalike!!! Insane! And now we’re supposed to believe William isn’t tuned into the rumors?! This has to be one of the biggest controversies The Firm has dealt with in a while. It’d be weird if he wasn’t focused on it!

All this just goes to show that the royal’s decision to stay extremely quiet about Kate’s condition and on details of King Charles III‘s cancer battle is backfiring big time! Breaking this down, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told People:

“Everybody feels unsettled by uncertainty, and there is too much uncertainty that is surrounding the monarchy right now. […] Queen Elizabeth used to say, ‘I need to be seen to be believed.’ It is important for Charles and his reign for the public to know a little bit more.”

The insider added:

“The monarchy needs to be that anchor in times of trouble, and any sense of instability, which is inevitable when you have two of the key players out of action, is understandable.”

Now, obviously, both royals deserve their privacy during their medical issues. But leaving so much mystery isn’t helping, Sally added:

“Even though he [Charles] has revealed that he has a form of cancer, that has done nothing to quell the speculation about how seriously ill he may or may not be. That is not doing the monarchy any favors. He is the head of state, and there are constitutional implications.”

Meanwhile, author Catherine Mayer noted that this is a clear sign that the monarchy has gotten far too small, adding:

“This is massively exposing how the royal family has gone from too many people to too few in a short space of time.”

Just think, if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hadn’t stepped down, they could’ve helped fill in for the absent royals and this situation might not have looked as dire as it does! At least some of the attention would be off Kate! But that’s not the way things unfolded for this famous fam, unfortunately.

Thoughts on William’s response to the drama?!? Sound OFF (below)!

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