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Was The 'Manipulated' Photo Of Princess Catherine & Her Kids Actually Taken LAST YEAR?? See The Compelling Evidence!

Was The Manipulated Photo Of Princess Catherine & Her Kids Actually Taken Last Year?? See The Compelling Evidence!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, a new Princess Catherine conspiracy theory just dropped!

Fans have been going nuts over the latest photo of Kate Middleton and her kids, which was released on Sunday as the first official photograph of the Princess of Wales since her surgery. While it was likely meant to shut down the conspiracy theories about her health and whereabouts, it only made things worse because of very noticeable Photoshop errors! Errors SO bad, in fact, that major photo agencies sent out a kill notice because they believed the snapshot was too “manipulated.”

The mother of three already admitted to the Photoshop fail, though she tried to downplay it without explaining why she tried her hand at editing in the first place. But now one fan thinks they know why!

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A TikTok user is convinced the Wales family is lying about when the photo was taken. TikToker Ally insists it was actually snapped MONTHS ago — and way before the 42-year-old’s surgery! What?!?

Recalling a Christmas-themed event Kate and her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, attended, the fan speculated the photo was taken back in November 2023. Then, it was edited to look as if it was snapped in “2024,” as indicated on the original Instagram post. WTF!

Breaking down the evidence, the fan recalled how, “in November, Kate and her kids went to a baby bank and put together a charity video that dropped in December.” Thanks to the Anglophiles who “obsessively track her fashion,” it was easy to find the exact pieces the royal wore for the event. And it matched up almost perfectly with the clothes from the controversial family photo! Dang!

For the event, Prince William‘s wife wore the same skinny jeans and shoes featured in the portrait along with a white sweater made by Reiss — which looks almost identical to the one in the new photo! The only problem? The sweater doesn’t come in a darker color, which means Kensington Palace might have allegedly changed it! Wow!

Princess Charlotte also appeared to be wearing the same exact shirt, as evidenced by the ruffled neckline! The only difference is she threw on a matching sweater for the portrait — you know, the very sweater that was undeniably Photoshopped! Plus, her skirt is also believed to have been altered in the pic, which would account for the different pattern. But the 8-year-old did have on the same shoes and likely the same tights as the event. Lots of similarities!

But that’s not all! The same thing goes for George, who was wearing a similarly colored blue sweater as he did during the holidays. The internet detective thinks the editor made “the checked collar” he wore at the baby bank “blue” so fans wouldn’t “notice” it was the matching ‘fit! The youngest, Louis, is the only one who wasn’t wearing the same clothes — though he’s in the same style, wearing a collared shirt under a sweater.

FWIW, the future king wasn’t around for that charitable outing, either. So, it would make sense why he didn’t appear in the photo if it really was taken before the fam went to the donation center. Take a look at all the evidence (below):

And here’s the OG baby bank video for comparison:

Yup, definitely some major similarities there!

But if this allegation is true and the palace is possibly lying about the timeline of this photo — after already admitting to editing it — nobody is ever going to believe a thing the family says moving forward! Yikes!!

Reactions? Do you believe this new theory?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Prince & Princess of Wales/YouTube]

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