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Did The Royal Family Fake ANOTHER Princess Catherine Sighting?! Fans Find Strange Photoshop Clues In Latest Pic!

Did the royal family fake another sighting of Princess Catherine

ANOTHER Photoshop fail?!

The royal family seemingly tried to shut down worries about Princess Catherine on Monday when she was spotted for the second time since undergoing surgery while sitting in a car beside Prince William as they left Windsor Castle together. But the photo was immediately suspicious since the Princess of Wales was looking out a window and away from the camera. And that did nothing to calm people down amid the endless Photoshop scandal! But was that glance away on purpose because she wasn’t really in the car??? That’s the new theory!

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Quickly after the pic was released, eagled-eyed anglophiles noticed there was something extremely unusual with the paparazzi shot. And it all started with a good, long look at the background of the image. Taking to X (Twitter) on Monday, one user questioned:

“Has no one else noticed that the most recent photo of #KateMiddleton in the car… the bricks in the car windows, don’t appear to match the bricks outside the car… Is this another photoshopped picture”

You can see the photograph in question (below):

Many others chimed in, including one who pointed out that it’s not just the color of the bricks that is different:

“The bricks in the picture in the window have new evenly distributed grout layers while the bricks outside the car are from an older building where the grout is uneven & worn away”

More shocking, internet sleuths are now convinced Kate wasn’t really in the car! Just like noticing similarities between the family portrait and the future queen’s 2016 Vogue cover, a third person theorized that Kate was photoshopped into the car using an image from Christmas 2023! WTF?!

The notion is that a photo of the mother of three from the holidays was superimposed into the car and that the final product was made grainy on purpose to hide the tricky editing — only some fans think they can still see traces of the original image. The third user explained:

“They used a Christmas day photo. They erased her earring, her hat brim can clearly be seen, as can the top be seen obscuring the rectangle in the interior of the car… then they added some noise to make it harder to discern the edits… they are really bad at this!!!

Someone combined the photos and they’re a perfect match, too. Damn. Not again! See the comparison HERE!!

Clapping back at the conspiracy, Jim Bennett — the freelance photographer who took the now-viral photo — told Page Six on Tuesday that his agency doesn’t “change our photos in Photoshop other than adjusting the light levels if necessary.” He added:

“Car shots are unpredictable at the best of times and with some reflection on the glass it can be difficult.”

We definitely understand that. But then how come the other image is a perfect fit?!? Make it make sense!!

Reactions? Do you think this was Photoshopped? Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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