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Was Princess Catherine’s 2016 Vogue Cover Used To Create Photoshopped Family Pic?!

Was Princess Catherine’s 2016 Vogue Cover Used To Create Photoshopped Family Photo?!

Is Princess Catherine even in that new photo?!

On Sunday, Kate Middleton released her first official post-surgery photo alongside her three kids in honor of the UK’s Mother’s Day. But she was quickly forced to admit she edited it when a kill notice was released by media agencies over the pic following Photoshop rumors! Dozens of theories have emerged ever since as fans guess what’s going on — including this latest claim from a Daily Mirror employee!

Ruby Naldrett, who works in social media at the UK tabloid, took to X (Twitter) on Monday morning to share her explanation behind the controversial family photo, and it’ll shock you! Ruby thinks the 42-year-old’s face was superimposed onto the image – from a Vogue cover shoot almost a decade ago!! Huh?!?

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Explaining her theory, the X user dished:

“my analysis of the kate middleton photo saga is that they took her face from the vogue cover she did years ago and edited it in”

To put this theory to the test, the anglophile included a video of the faces overlapping — and there was NO change in Kate’s expression! Look (below) and see the video HERE!

As you can see, the only big difference is the fact that in the fashion magazine cover taken in 2016, the Princess of Wales was wearing a hat. But one commenter believes there’s an explanation for this! They noted in response:

“That’s why her hair is blurry and translucent from them enhancing where the hat flattened it. Wow.”

Many have found fault with various aspects of the family photo — which was supposedly snapped sometime this year — including with Kate’s hair, so it’s not that crazy of a guess. As for why the royals might do this, another person suggested there’s a deeper reason why The Firm could’ve chosen to reuse this particular photo! They noted:

“This goes deeper! The Vogue cover was her ‘breakthrough’ moment, where she became the picture-perfect future queen. Maybe they’re trying to recapture that image? Symbolism over substance, hiding the fact that under the polish, the fairy-tale isn’t so perfect anymore.”


All that said, not everyone is convinced yet — especially since this would take a seriously skilled editor! Some argued:

“The lighting is completely different. Find it hard to believe that the same person who botched that photoshop job was able to change the light on her face like that”

“It’s nothing alike. It’s just the same face with the same smile, because it’s the same person. Otherwise it’s not remotely similar”

“This is ‘spot on’… because it’s the same woman’s face.”

TBH, we hope it’s just a similar expression because if the palace were to do something like this amid already intense conspiracy theories (like rumors the future queen’s really in a coma), that would be NUTS!! Just one more reason they need to release the original pic!!

Thoughts? Do you believe this theory? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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