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Model Offers World's WORST Explanation For Topless Photos With Princess Eugenie's Husband Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie Husband Jack Brooksbank Photos Topless Model

OK, just… wow. If we’re being honest, this is a Royal scandal that was barely a blip on our radar — but then we smelled BS so strong it woke us up from across the Atlantic!

In case you haven’t been following it…

You know Princess Eugenie‘s husband Jack Brooksbank? From their fairy tale wedding back in 2018? (They got in just under the wire on massive events with their nuptials — unlike her poor sister Beatrice who had to have a tiny gathering of close family. She got to wear the emerald tiara Meghan Markle reportedly was refused. It was a whole thing.)

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Ever since then it’s seemed like they had the perfect marriage; back in February they welcomed their first child together. Apart from her father Prince Andrew‘s disturbing allegations and ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Eugenie’s life has seemed an idyllic dream.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank as man and wife after their dream wedding
Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank as man and wife after their dream wedding. / (c) John Rainford/WENN

And then last weekend happened…

Folks are wondering if Eugenie didn’t marry a man a little too much like her poppa after photos hit the web showing Jack cavorting on a yacht off the island of Capri in Italy with three women!

Brooksbank is a brand ambassador for Casamigos tequila, who sponsored a high-priced charity event there last Friday night. While he was spending the weekend in town, he apparently decided to go boating before the party — just him and three women: Casamigos’ global director Rachel Zalis, former model Maria Buccellati, and model Erica Pelosini.

Maybe not such a big deal. But where it gets a little harder to explain is that Pelosini was TOPLESS! It’s one thing for him to be hanging with models on a boat in Italy while Eugenie is at home taking care of their 6-month-old son, it’s another to be hanging with topless Italian models.

Over the weekend, a source close to Jack told — where you can see the striking photographs of the day trip — that the reason Princess Eugenie wasn’t invited along on the trip is because he was “there to work at the ball.” Good work if you can get it!

But again, we’re all for Free The Nipple, we’re all for men and women being able to hang out and it not be a big deal, so we wanted to give old Jack the benefit of the doubt here. But then Miz Pelosini spoke out in defense of the married man — and everything got SO MUCH WORSE!

On Wednesday the model spoke to to try to explain, but this explanation… She said:

“I know it does not look right for Jack and his family. I felt very bad for them when I saw the images of him surrounded by three women because his wife was not there. It led people to make improper suggestions and jump to conclusions and it’s very hurtful that people are thinking this. I’m very sorry if I caused any embarrassment to Princess Eugenie and Jack. It wasn’t appropriate for me to be topless.”

But she also said:

“I usually never go topless, but my bikini got wet and I decided to take it off.”

We’re sorry, WHUT?! Your bikini got wet?? Right, don’t you hate it when your swimsuit gets wet and it’s just immediately completely useless??

Sorry, but that’s the worst thing we’ve heard since Andrew saying his sweat glands temporarily stopped working. But that wasn’t the end. She also made clear the Amalfi Coast excursion was totally on the up-and-up because Brooksbank is just “good friends” with all these women:

“Looking at the images, I can understand how they could be misinterpreted. I’m topless, Maria is hugging him, and Rachel is also a very beautiful woman, but people are assuming the wrong things. We were there as friends and work colleagues having a wonderful afternoon in the Italian sun. Jack is a very dear friend of mine and I have known him for a number of years. He’s also good friends with the other two women. It’s very upsetting for me that people could be thinking the wrong things.”

Speaking about what a good husband and father her “very dear friend” is, she gushed:

“Jack was speaking about his baby and showing us pictures of him. He looked adorable. He’s a very proud father. One day he told us he was very sad to be away from Princess Eugenie and his son.”

He really just looked it, didn’t he? She added:

“When you have a new-born baby you want to be with them all the time, so I think it was quite difficult for Jack to be in Italy away from him.”

Yes. So difficult to hang out with bikini-clad (and unclad) models on a boat. And yet he bravely persevered. Just closed his eyes and thought of England we expect. Pelosini also pointed out:

“If I had known we were being photographed I would not have gone topless and I would have worn a better outfit.”

Well, that one we believe. Once they did know they’d been photographed, once the pics hit the internet, Pelosini says she spoke to Brooksbank at the airport, worrying that the photos could be “misinterpreted.” You think? But the 35-year-old new father wasn’t fazed:

“We had a quick chat, but Jack said there’s nothing to worry about. I felt that he has a strong relationship with his wife. She knows that nothing was going on. She knows that he was with some female friends having fun and that she can trust him.”

Well, we’ll let her be the final word on that one. How she reacted remains to be seen, but something tells us there are little royal birdies just waiting to sing about it. What do YOU think about this terrible excuse of having a wet bikini? Does it make Jack Brooksbank look more guilty to you??

[Image via John Rainford/WENN/Erica Pelosini/Rachel Zalis/Maria Buccellati/Instagram.]

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