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Rachel Leviss Has 'No Contact Policy' With VPR Cast, Demanded Same Pay As Tom & Ariana, And Claims Bravo PUNISHED Her During Reunion For THIS?!

Rachel Leviss Has 'No Contact Policy' With VPR Cast, Demanded Same Pay As Tom & Ariana, And Claims Bravo PUNISHED Her During Reunion For THIS?!

The final part of Rachel Leviss‘ interview on Bethenny Frankel‘s podcast, Just B, is out, and it’s a doozy.

On Friday, the Real Housewives of New York City alum dropped the last piece of her three-part chat with the embattled Vanderpump Rules star, in which they’ve broken down Scandoval, the 28-year-old’s time in a mental health facility, and plenty more!

Now, the SUR waitress is concluding her conversation by sharing her plans for the future and continuing to bash Bravo!

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The Reunion

Rachel mostly used this episode to slam the network for not supporting her through the mental health crisis she was facing when her affair with Tom Sandoval was exposed.

Reflecting on what it was like to film the heated Season 10 reunion — which Bethenny called emotionally abusive — Rachel claimed Bravo PUNISHED HER after she was caught talking to a paparazzi the day before filming. She explained:

“Going into the reunion it was promised to me that I would have a mental health advocate in my trailer as I watched the first two parts of the reunion and then behind the scenes just in case for my mental well-being, and that was taken away from me the day before the reunion and I think it was a punishment.”

She continued:

“This paparazzi guy found me waiting to get my nails done on the sidewalk of the street and I felt awkward being inside there and I [answered] some of his questions, they were very basic, I didn’t give away anything the reunion was going to touch on and I think the network saw that and was angry, disappointed and punished me by taking away my mental health advocate.”

We have to note, this was a random strip mall in the valley — not necessarily a hot spot to be found.

Anyway… If that’s true, it’s messed up! It’s one thing to be mad at her for talking, but taking away a mental health advocate seems harsh. When she did ultimately check into the mental health treatment center, she insists nobody from the cast or crew checked in on her:

“There was no check-in from anybody to see if I was OK. Unfortunately, I asked for my tuition to be covered for treatment and they [Bravo] refused to pay for it and I have a theory it’s because if they paid for it they’d admit to this liability.”

That said, she claims people from the channel are just starting to reach out to offer services such as security — but she thinks this is only because she has seemingly teamed up with Bethenny amid her “reality reckoning” campaign.

In The Treatment Center

Later, the former beauty pageant queen shockingly said she’s glad she got caught having an affair! Seriously?! She dished:

“I needed to get caught, I needed to, because it would have just continued and that’s not who I want to be. This was the biggest wake-up call to me.”

As for her relationships with the cast, she claims Lala Kent sent her a direct message on Instagram saying she was “willing to lend an ear,” but Rachel doesn’t “trust” her motives. Interestingly, the Give Them Lala star is supposedly one of the only people who wants her back on the show, too! The TomTom co-owner also sent her two emails after she left for the treatment facility. She suggested she didn’t respond. (Makes us wonder what that letter she sent to Tom was all about then?!)

Drawing a line in the sand between she and her former co-stars, James Kennedy‘s ex-fiancée revealed:

“I have a no contact policy with every cast member.”

The only person she has talked to is Lisa Vanderpump over the phone, but this was because of a situation involving James and their dog. Lisa tried to convince Rachel to rejoin the cast, but it ultimately didn’t work.

Reality TV

When asked if she’ll ever return to reality TV, Rachel made her thoughts very clear:

“Oh, hell no! No, because I refuse to not respect myself on that level where I would endure that emotional abuse any longer. I can’t do that to myself.”

Wow! So she’s really done with Pump Rules! We bet Ariana Madix is happy about that!

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But she’s not just done with reality TV because of how she was treated — it sounds like she’s mostly pissed she wasn’t going to be paid enough and didn’t profit off the scandal (unlike others)! She dished:

“I asked for equal pay with Tom and Ariana and for them to reimburse me for my treatment expenses, but they refused to pay me equally. I was considering going back if I was going to be paid equally because I feel like when you pay your employees I think it really shows how much you value them.”

She claims she’s now “broke” while people like Lala, who launched merch in connection to the ordeal, now has enough money for a “down payment” on her new house. She also acknowledged her “brand is shot” because her reputation was ruined, so aside from money from Bravo, she doesn’t have as much opportunity to use her “likeness” to her benefit. We get why that’s frustrating, but maybe she should have thought of this before hooking up with Sandoval!

Also, earlier this week, sources and even Lisa confirmed the reality star made over $350k for Season 10. That’s a LOT for just a few months of work!!! She already thanked her parents for paying for her mental health treatment, so… where did all that money go??

What’s Next

So, if she’s not going to rejoin VPR, what is she going to do? On Thursday, ET also heard from a source who shared Rachel came to the decision to back out of VPR very recently, they detailed:

“Rachel will not be returning for season 11 of Vanderpump Rules. There was a possibility up until recently she’d be returning for the new season, but ultimately decided against it. Rachel is focused on her mental health journey and knew going back to the show would open her up to trauma she’s been working on healing. Rachel is looking forward to what the future holds for her.”

Just like pretty much every celebrity out there nowadays, she is now focused on starting up a podcast! Yes, really! The girl is planning a podcast and yet giving all her best scoop to someone else’s podcast — and not making a dime from it, either! Not the smartest plan we ever heard!

As for what she’s going to be diving into on her untitled production, it has everything to do with Scandoval and what it’s like to be “the other woman.” Omg! The star hopes to continue to learn more about herself through a psychology-focused lens:

“I really am impassioned by learning about myself and the psychology behind all of this and I am taking the steps to start my own podcast. I feel like it would be a great way to share my side of the story and bring on experts that really understand the psychology behind it.”


This is certainly in line with everything she’s been saying so far — she’s really hoping she can fix her image by relying on what she learned at the facility. But it’s hard to know how many people will actually be tuning in to hear about a homewrecker’s problems! Interestingly, she’s also not planning to return to El Lay just yet:

“I’m going to be traveling around. I’m not heading back to L.A. anytime soon. So I have some plans to check out different states and different areas. It’s unwritten at this point.”

A lot is up in the air! But we certainly haven’t heard the last from her… Thoughts?! Will U be listening to her upcoming podcast?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Rachel Leviss/Tom Sandoval/Ariana Madix/Instagram]

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