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New Details Emerge About Rebel Wilson's Breakup With Jacob Busch -- & What Went Wrong

New Details Emerge About Rebel Wilson's Breakup With Jacob Busch -- What Went Wrong

Looks like her “Year of Heath” put more than just nutrition into perspective.

After Rebel Wilson announced she’s single and ready to mingle in a new Instagram post Wednesday, we’re hearing some inside scoop about what led to the downfall of her relationship with Jacob Busch.

According to a source who spoke with E! News, the split was not all that one-sided:

“There wasn’t one incident that really happened to end things, the relationship just ran it’s [sic] course and fizzled out. They had a great time together and remain good friends.”

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But if they were looking for something to blame, long-distance and mid-pandemic struggles certainly didn’t help! The same insider explained:

“They spent the holidays apart and it was getting a little hard to make it work since Rebel lives in LA and he lives in Palm Beach.”

Honestly, we see how tough that would be and applaud the duo for not forcing air-travel as the only option to stay close; we are facing a global crisis, after all! In somewhat rare news for breakups these days, Rebel and Jacob ended things on a positive note, with the confidant revealing:

“Rebel and Jacob are still very amicable and friendly. They may even end up hanging out together in the future.”

Wow! So maybe it really was just life circumstances that got in the way and not a wrong match? The insider seems to think so as they presumed there wouldn’t be any “weirdness” between the ex-lovers, adding:

“Jacob has a lot of love and respect for Rebel and she’ll always hold a special place in his heart. He adored her.”

We love to hear that! No bad blood between these two! Though we wonder how Jacob feels now that his former girl is so ready to meet new suitors at the Super Bowl? Ouch!

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While it’s unclear exactly how long they were together, we do know the comedienne and the 29-year-old made their first public appearance at Prince Albert’s Planetary Health Gala in Monaco back in September. But when trolls were making the assumption that Rebel was only dating now that she had lost so much weight (she’s almost 70 lbs down now!), she rightfully put them in their place. The Australian said over in an IG Q&A:

“We dated before I started any of this health journey, as well as now. So that goes to show you, ladies: you don’t have to be a certain size to get a boyfriend.”

Similarly, the Pitch Perfect actress told E! News:

“Some people on social media say, ‘Oh, well you lost weight and then you got a hot boyfriend.’ But, what I do want to say to those people is that I actually dated Jacob when I was at my heaviest as well. So, it’s not like I suddenly lost weight, and then you’re like, oh, you get a hot boyfriend—that’s not how it works.”

What are you hoping for, Perezcious readers? Should this couple try to revive their romance in the future or lay things to rest and move on to new adventures? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Rebel Wilson/Instagram]

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