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Rose McGowan Says 'Fraud' Alyssa Milano Made Charmed Set 'Toxic AF'

alyssa milano and rose mcgowan erupt in twitter feud

Drama in the Halliwell house!

Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano, who portrayed sisters Phoebe and Paige in Charmed have been at each other’s necks in the past online, but this might be their worst Twitter spat yet!

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It all started when the Who’s the Boss alum tweeted out an extensive thread of “all the things the Democratic Party has done to make the world a better place” along with a screenshot of a tweet from McGowan written the day prior which read:

“What have the Democrats done to solve ANYTHING? Help the poor? No. Help black & brown people? No. Stop police brutality? No. Help single mothers? No. Help children? No. You have achieved nothing. NOTHING. Why did people vote for [Donald] Trump? Because of you motherf**kers.”

Towards the end of the achievements highlighted by Milano, she added a dig directed at McGowan:

“Rose and anyone bleating the same “dEmOcRaTs DoNt HeLp PeOpLe” nonsense, your lies are going to hurt people less privileged than you. It’s the kind of thing an ACTUAL fraud would do. Thousands of people are dying a day but you go on with your hyperbolic attention seeking tweets.”

It wasn’t long before Rose took notice of the thread and responded with a few digs of her own, namely calling out her on-screen sis for diva behavior! The 46-year-old wrote in a series of messages:

“Ummm… did you conveniently forget only WHITE WOMEN got the right to vote? They betrayed all others. To quote Marilyn Manson, “I was not born with enough middle fingers.””

“If I had been the leader of the Suffragettes, I would have waited and fought for EVERYONE’S right to vote. They f**ked up. And you wonder why Black Women think white feminists are frauds. Most are.”

“You threw a fit in front of the crew, yelling, ‘They don’t pay me enough to do this s**t!’ Appalling behavior on the daily. I cried every time we got renewed because you made that set toxic AF. Now, get off my coattails you f**king fraud.”

Big yikes!!

Alyssa did not comment any further, instead issuing a brief statement to Us Weekly:

“Hurt people hurt people. Commenting any further doesn’t align with my wellness plan.”

What do U think of the drama between Rose and Alyssa, y’all?! Let us know (below) in the comments.

[Image via Spelling Television/Worldvision Enterprises/Paramount Television.]

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