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Ruby Franke's Lawyers Say She Will Enter Plea Agreement On Abuse Charges -- Claims She Was ‘Led Astray’ By Her Business Partner!

Ruby Franke Plans To Enter Plea Agreement On Abuse Charges – Claims She Was ‘Led Astray’ By Her Business Partner Jodi Hildebrandt!

After resetting her “moral compass” behind bars, Ruby Franke decided to enter a plea agreement when she heads to court next week.

As we’ve reported, the disgraced mommy vlogger and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, were arrested in August. Her 12-year-old son allegedly escaped Hildebrandt’s home and went to a neighbor to ask for help. The child appeared to be severely “emaciated and malnourished” with wounds and duct tape around his extremities, so the neighbor called the police. Law enforcement later discovered Franke’s daughter also emaciated inside Hildebrandt’s house.

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The two women were then charged with six counts of felony aggravated child abuse. And now Winward Law, the firm representing Franke, announced on Friday that the former YouTuber is working with prosecutors on a plea agreement to “this matter quickly.” And her attorneys appear to be placing the blame on Hildebrandt for what happened, saying she took advantage of the influencer’s quest for improvement and “twisted it into something heinous.” What?! The statement read, per KSL-TV:

“Ruby Franke is a devoted mother and is also a woman committed to constant improvement. Initially, Ms. Franke believed that Jodi Hildebrant had the insight to offer a path to continual improvement. Ms. Hildebrant took advantage of this quest and twisted it into something heinous.”

The lawyers then accused Hildebrant of “systematically” isolating Franke “from her extended family, older children, and her husband, Kevin Franke,” adding:

“This prolonged isolation resulted in Ms. Franke being subjected to a distorted sense of morality, shaped by Ms. Hildebrandt’s influence.”

Hmm. It’s important to note there have been concerns about Franke’s treatment of her kids long before she teamed with Hildebrant. Millions of her former followers of her now-defunct YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, criticized her strict parenting style and even saw her cruel actions toward the kids over the years. But her legal team is insisting she is “a devoted mother who, unfortunately, was led astray” by Hildebrandt.

While Franke is placing blame on Hildebrandt, her attorneys made it clear she does want to take “responsibility for the part she played in the events leading up to her incarceration,” saying:

“During Ruby Franke’s incarceration in Washington County jail over the past few months, she has actively engaged in an introspection that has allowed her to reset her moral compass and understand the full weight of her actions. … Demonstrating a sincere dedication to personal growth and rehabilitation, she has actively begun the process by reaching out to members of her family. Through heartfelt apologies, she seeks to mend relationships and contribute positively to the healing journey of her family.”

Additionally, the statement noted Franke is “aware” her husband, Kevin, filed for divorce and is “devastated” by the news. However, she does understand “his anger and reasoning” for the split. As for her kids? Her lawyers said the social media personality “offered her full cooperation to help the children reunite with their father.”


Franke plans to enter the plea agreement on Monday when she appears in court in Washington County. At this time, no one from her family has reacted to the news. Reactions to the case update? Are you shocked she’s entering a deal? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Moms of Truth/Instagram]

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