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Russell Brand Sounds Desperate For Money Amid Assault Allegations -- Expecting Prosecution??

Russell Brand Is Trying To Get Your Money Amid Sexual Assault Allegations -- For This Reason??

It sounds like Russell Brand is in need of some cash.

More than a week after the explosive report came out alleging the Get Him to the Greek star had raped, sexually assaulted, and emotionally abused four women — one of whom was just 16 at the time — things aren’t looking up for him. We mean, he’s pretty much been hit with story after story since that exposé dropped… he’s already been demonetized by YouTube, erased by the BBC, had his book deal with Bluebird suspended, and had an official investigation by London police launched against him in the wake of all the revelations. Suffice to say, he’s going to need some major moolah for whatever his legal defense shapes up to be. And he’s not afraid to ask… sort of.

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During a Monday night livestream on Rumble, the online video platform popular with right-wing fringe groups that he’s been haunting the past couple years, the 48-year-old once again denied the tidal wave of allegations against him, calling it all a “coordinated attack” by the media.

He’s certainly been heading down a conspiracy theorist lane for a while now, but now he’s sounding downright Trumpian! (Our rule of thumb? Be they Republican or Democrat, athlete or movie star, as soon as the defense becomes “it’s all a big conspiracy against me” they did that s**t.”)

Brand then asked his followers to “support” his channel, positioning it as “absolutely vital,” amid everything that’s going on. He explained, via LADbible:

“​​If you can support our channel, please do, it’s become evident that this is a real necessity, more than ever before. Join us over there, and if you can, please, stay free.”

Uhhh, “a real necessity”?? Yeah, it sounds like the only thing that’s REALLY “evident” is that he’s trying to secure some checks to pay for lawyers! Could it be he’s afraid he’s about to get charged with something?? Hmm…

A subscription for the web service can run users up north of $100 a year, and boy, we can think of a lot better ways to spend that kind of money than on the disgraced comedian. Cheese of the month club? Shudder horror channel subscription in time for Spooky season? A healthy donation to RAINN? Just some thoughts off the top of our heads…

What do YOU think about Russell’s attempt to get some cash, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF in the comments down below.

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