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Sabrina Carpenter Addresses Rumors That Her New Song Skin Is About The Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett Drama!

Sabrina Carpenter Addresses Rumors That Her New Song Skin Is About Olivia Rodrigo

Guess, what y’all?! The plot thickens!

After less than a week since she released her single Skin, Sabrina Carpenter has finally addressed the controversial lyrics that caused widespread speculation on social media about whether or not it was about a certain chart-topping someone.

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ICYMI, Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License took over the world (and the charts) earlier this month when rumors of another Disney love triangle broke out. Many fans speculated the song was about the young star’s breakup with her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett. In the song, the 17-year-old hitmaker referenced an “older blonde” that was currently dating her old fame and making her feel insecure, which many people believed to be the 21-year-old musician.

Ch-ch-check out the hit song that sparked all this TEA (below):

When Sabrina released her new track on January 22, many social media users were first stuck on these very vague lyrics that read:

“Maybe we could have been friends / If I met you in another life / Maybe then we could pretend / There’s no gravity in the words we write.”

For the first few seconds of the song, it really could’ve been about anyone, BUT, later it had some very pointed words that perhaps were a dig at the Bizaardvark star. Okay, they were definitely a direct nod to Olivia.

“Maybe you didn’t mean it / Maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme.”

Ch-ch-checkout the alleged reaction bop (below):

Audiences — mainly Twitter — were quick to latch onto the scathing lines and bash the Work It actress for her diss track. Trust us, it got pretty bad. While there were a ton of funny memes online about the drama, there was also a bunch of hate and even death threats flooding the singer’s comments section, which we shouldn’t have to remind everyone, but it’s seriously not okay to threaten someone like that… at all.

It got so bad that she felt the need to further clarify the song’s meaning over the weekend in a lengthy Instagram post, writing:

“thank you to everyone who has listened to skin, especially those who have opened their minds to lyrically what i was trying to get across.”

In the caption, which was accompanied by a pic of the performer laying down presumably on a bed with her hair spilling over her arms as she stares directly into the camera, she continued without naming names, writing:

“i wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it. i was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons. so i was inspired to do what i usually do to cope, write something that i wish i could have told myself in the past. people can only get to you if you give them the power to. and a lot of people were trying to get to me.”

The Girl Meets World alum went on to explain that the song tells multiple different stories and not just about “one single person.”

“the song isn’t calling out one single person. some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences I’ve had this past year. it also shows that many things have actually gotten under my skin..”

She concluded the post, asking her followers to cool it with all the negativity as she is still a flawed person who is learning from her mistakes.

“and I’m still learning to not give other people so much power over my feelings. I know a lot of you struggle with the same thing. i don’t want this to become an endless cycle so please don’t take this as an opportunity to send more hate anyone’s way. lots of love to u all. thanks for letting me grow.”


What do U think about Sabrina’s claims that the song isn’t just about Olivia? Do U think it’s actually true or not? Are U disappointed it’s possibly not? Let us know in the comments (below), but NO super hateful messages towards her, please!

[Image via Sabrina Carpenter/Instagram, Joshua Bassett/Instagram, Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram]

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