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Is The Weeknd's New Album ALL About Bella Hadid? Find Out Why Fans Think So!

Fans think The Weeknd's new album is about Bella Hadid

The Weeknd’s new album has arrived, and fans have wasted no time thoroughly reading into the lyrics!

The Grammy winner released his fourth studio album, After Hours, on midnight Friday, giving fans a much needed distraction from the coronavirus pandemic and a self-directed mission to interpret the meaning behind his new songs.

Quickly, fans came to an agreement that The Weeknd’s muse was — who else? — his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

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As fans know, the longtime couple have been together on and off since 2015. In 2018, they reconciled two months after their first split, but by August 2019, it was announced they had broken up again. Their current relationship status is unclear. What’s a bit clearer, according to fans, is that the 30-year-old singer (real name Abel Tesfaye) was apparently thinking all about Bella during the making of this album.

Some of the references are pretty undeniable. On the track Escape From LA, Abel sings about a complicated relationship in Los Angeles, singing, “She got Chrome Hearts hangin’ from her neck.” Fans couldn’t help but take the line as a nod to Bella, seeing as the model has collaborated with the brand.

On the track Hardest to Love, the performer looks back on the demise of a romance, crooning:

“I can’t, can’t believe you want me/After all the heart breaks, after all I’ve done”

In Snowchild, many fans noted the giggles heard halfway through the song sound like Hadid’s after Abel sings, “She never need a man, she what a man need/So I keep on falling for her daily.”

Others pointed out the similarities between those lyrics and the lyrics in the album’s lead single Heartless, on which he sings:

“Never need a bitch, I’m what a bitch need (Bitch need) / Tryna find the one that can fix me / I’ve been dodgin’ death in the six speed / Amphetamine got my stummy feelin’ sickly / Yeah, I want it all now / I’ve been runnin’ through the p***y, need a dog pound / Hundred models gettin’ faded in the compound / Tryna love me, but they never get a pulse down”

As we reported, that track was also thought to be all about Bella. He continues on the bridge:

“I lost my heart and my mind / I try to always do right / I thought I lost you this time / You just came back in my life / You never gave up on me (Why don’t you?) / I’ll never know what you see (Why won’t you?) / I don’t do well when alone (Oh yeah) / You hear it clear in my tone”

So, is Miss Hadid really the inspo behind this album? Neither party has commented on the social media speculation yet, so that remains a mystery for now.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?

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