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Sarah Brady Has 'PTSD Style' Flashbacks From Jonah Hill 'Emotional Abuse' -- And Feels 'Slutty' Just Wearing A Swimsuit

Sarah Brady PTSD Jonah Hill Emotional Abuse Feeling Slutty

There have been quite a few commenters blasting Sarah Brady for calling out Jonah Hill. Far too many, we’d say.

Many of the critics argue the pro surfer is complaining over nothing — they don’t get how the kind of controlling and oppressive behavior she highlighted in her posts is “emotional abuse.” Well, you may want to take a look at how it affected her longterm.

Let’s take a look at what she said Jonah was doing. He told her, per the text messages she posted, that should she want to stay with him, she was not allowed to surf “with men,” “to model,” “to post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit,” “to post sexual pictures,” or to “have friendships with women who are in unstable places and from your wild recent past.”

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(c) Sarah Brady/Instagram

He couched it in therapy terms, saying it was his just his “boundaries” — but he was giving her rules. Remember, this isn’t saying to someone you just met that you couldn’t date someone who does that stuff — he started dating her then told her to change her whole life to adhere to his demands.

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This woman is a pro surfer — and was when he first reached out to her romantically. Surfing with men and posting pics in swimwear is par for the course in her profession! And he made her feel like she was doing something wrong, like she was being unsavory. By telling her it was offensive, by equating posting her surfing pics with posting “sexual pictures” he hurt her confidence, her very sense of self. And it lasted long after they split up. She posted on Thursday:

“Just remembering that at some point after the breakup, I gently let him know I was still struggling with not feeling slutty just for wearing a swimsuit. And the only thing he said was, ‘Don’t villainize me!'”

Sarah Brady talks Jonah Hill breakup on Instagram Story
(c) Sarah Brady/Instagram Story

What she’s describing may not leave scars or bruises you can see — but it can damage a person’s mind and heart.

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It can take much longer to heal from that kind of injury. Sarah also posted that she had a flashback to it. She explained that her “brain was impacted in a similar PTSD style way”:

“I would never equate the two but I did recently get my first flashback from emotional abuse with him, and the only flashbacks I’ve ever had before were physical abuse (not by him).”

Now consider that for a moment. The type of subtle, insidious attacks on a person’s character, on a person’s confidence, that would lead them to feel bad months later for putting on an effing swimsuit at the beach. No amount of therapy speak can hide that.

[Image via GQ/YouTube/Sarah Brady/Instagram.]

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