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The REAL Reason Scott Disick Lost So Much Weight??

The Real Reason Scott Disick Lost So Much Weight

What’s going on with Scott Disick? That’s what fans want to know.

Lord Disick sparked concern this month when he stepped out to go to Catch Steak in Los Angeles with some pals, looking like he had lost a lot of weight. Despite speculation, a source claimed it was neither some unknown illness nor alleged substance abuse that caused him to shed the pounds all of a sudden. Instead, it’s claimed the 40-year-old reality star has been using Ozempic!

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It was reported that Kourtney Kardashian’s “marriage to Travis took a toll on Scott.” Well, we knew that, but to this extent? According to sources, to deal with the aftermath of his ex moving on, the funny guy “turned to food” and began to gain weight. It’s said this is when he began to compare himself to the Blink-182 drummer, allegedly deciding to lose weight by taking the type 2 diabetes med. But is that the real reason for his drastic change in appearance? Another source close to the Kardashian clan says there’s more to the story! And it doesn’t involve Kourt and Trav!

They told The Sun on Friday that Scott felt like he “had to do something” after gaining weight while suffering from his back injury. The Talentless founder shared on an episode of The Kardashians that he severely hurt his back after getting into a nasty car crash back in 2022. Since then, the injury has hurt not only his sex life but his overall health. Oof.

Thus, when Scott gained weight, his confidence began to deteriorate. Which is a shame, because frankly, he’s handsome at any size! Eventually, though, he wanted to do something about it:

“He’s really vain – he thinks of himself as the full package – good looking, funny and rich. So when Scott put on weight after his back injury, it really hit his self confidence. He had to do something.”

The source doesn’t get into what Scott did to lose weight, but as we mentioned, he reportedly began using Ozempic. The Sun insider did point out that a driving force in Scott’s decision to get into shape all came down to the fact that he didn’t want to go through what Rob Kardashian went through in the past:

“He’s seen how being overweight has hurt Rob Kardashian’s lifestyle – he barely goes out in public and is never on the TV show – and didn’t want the same thing to happen to him.”

Scott, of course, managed to slim down. However, the insider noted that the television personality even “knows he’s taken it too far.” Even his loved ones feel he went too far with his weight loss! They are even reportedly considering an intervention for him! Whoa.

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