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Selena Gomez Is Dating Eve Jobs' Ex -- So The Model Deleted Her Instagram?!

Selena Gomez Boyfriend Drew Taggart Ex Eve Jobs Deletes Instagram

Should we take this as confirmation? Or is gurl just taking the ol’ duck and cover approach??

We got wind on Monday of a brand new relationship. According to a little birdy singing to Us WeeklySelena Gomez found herself a boyfriend! And we hope nicotine isn’t a dealbreaker, because he’s one of The Chainsmokers! Yes, according to this tea, the Disney alum is hooking up with Drew Taggart. The fledgling romance is still mostly “lowkey” per the insider, but Selena isn’t exactly hiding either — as she “can hardly keep her hands off him” when they go out on casual dates like bowling.

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Even if word didn’t get to his ex through mutuals, it definitely has through the internet! See, Drew was previously dating Eve Jobs. If the model’s name sounds familiar it might be because she’s the daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs. We’d just heard back in like September that they’d started dating. So whatever they had, the Closer singer clearly was able to move on from it pretty quickly for Selena.

Eve’s response? The ultimate no-comment comment. She deleted her Instagram!

Yes, if you try to go to the previously popular account feed, all you get is the classic “Sorry, this page isn’t available” message.

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For a model, IG is a really important tool. So it must have been pretty crucial that she get away from all the tagging. Selena is still the fifth most followed person on IG, with 371 million followers and climbing. So we can’t blame Eve for feeling like she’s alone at a party populated with all the new gal’s pals.

The breakup between Eve and Drew was supposedly fairly mutual, with the hot romance between them reportedly just fizzling. But even if that was true, it doesn’t always stay that way. If your man politely and respectfully breaks things off because he “isn’t ready” or feels like you’re “just going in different directions” or whatever — but then starts dating a more famous pop star like RIGHT AFTER? Things can go from amicable to acrimonious pretty damn fast. You know, just for instance.

OK, Perezcious relationship experts. What do YOU think Eve’s big move means?? Let us know if you’ve ever had to retreat from the ‘gram in the comments (below)!

[Image via Selena Gomez/Drew Taggart/Eve Jobs/Instagram.]

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