Selena Gomez Admits Her Anxiety & Depression Struggles Will Be With Her For The Rest Of Her Life

selena gomez talks anxiety depression battles

Selena Gomez will always have to put her health first.

Not only will the Fetish singer have to monitor her physical health due to her lupus diagnosis, but she’ll always be aware of her depression and anxiety issues. The former Disney darling addressed this point for the March cover story of Harper’s Bazaar.

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As you surely know, the hitmaker just completed a two week stint at a mental health treatment facility and is said to be feeling “great.” And while the 25-year-old is clearly in a good place, Gomez doesn’t believe her anxiety and depression battles are over.

For a candid chat with the fashion mag, Selena admitted:

“I’ve had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety, and I’ve been very vocal about it, but it’s not something I feel I’ll ever overcome. There won’t be a day when I’m like, ‘Here I am in a pretty dress ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I won!’ I think it’s a battle I’m gonna have to face for the rest of my life, and I’m okay with that because I know that I’m choosing myself over anything else.”

What incredible insight from someone so young. Still, we must acknowledge that the starlet has been through quite a bit already.

In regards to what’s next for her career, Selena isn’t rushing to release a new album. Although the chart topper has dropped several bangers recently, she’s taking her time when it comes to her next LP. Justin Bieber‘s love explained:

“My next album has been forever in the making. When people ask me why, I’m honest about it: It’s because I haven’t been ready. I mean, point-blank, I don’t feel confident enough in where my music is yet. If that takes 10 years, then it takes 10 years. I don’t care. Right now I just want to be super intentional with all of the things I’m doing.”

Smart move. We mean, it was just last year that Selena underwent a kidney transplant. We think she’s earned the right to take it easy.

And don’t be surprised if the actress turned pop star steps away from the limelight for a bit. Specifically, Selena is being more cautious about what she posts on Instagram.

On her “complex relationship” with IG, the Texas native added:

“I have a complex relationship with Instagram, to say the least. It has given me a voice amid all the noise of people trying to narrate my life for me and allows me to say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna post this, and this is gonna take care of the 1,200 stories that people think are interesting but actually aren’t, and aren’t even true.’ So it empowers me in that way because it’s my words and my voice and my truth. The only thing that worries me is how much value people our age place on social media. It’s an incredible platform, but in a lot of ways it’s given young people, myself included, a false representation of what’s important. So, yeah, it’s a complex relationship. Probably one of my most difficult relationships.”

In fact, Selena’s personal life might not be as glamorous as fans may think. On top of Chili’s being her favorite restaurant, Gomez said her weekend nights are VERY low key. She dished:

“If I’m in the mood for sister time, I’ll be with my sister, Gracie. She’s more mature than me in a lot of ways, and she’s 4. If I want to hang out with my friends, I don’t really go to a lot of trendy places, so people know they shouldn’t really invite me to those places ’cause I’m not gonna go.”

LOVES it. Be sure to ch-ch-check out more from Selena’s cover story HERE.

And set your gaze on her beautiful front page and spread (below):

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Feb 7, 2018 10:42am PDT