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Selling The OC Drama! Alex Hall Says Tyler Stanaland Made Her 'Swoon' Then 'Ghosted' Her -- So Brittany Snow Was Right?!

Selling The OC Drama! Alex Hall Says Tyler Stanaland Made Her 'Swoon' Then 'Ghosted' Her -- So Brittany Snow Was Right?!

Alex Hall is furious with Tyler Stanaland!

In a new sneak peek of Selling The OC out on Thursday, the real estate agents sit down for a heart-to-heart about their messy romance — and Alex totally calls Tyler out!

As Perezcious readers know, the besties sparked cheating rumors when the first season of the Netflix show aired. Their touchy-feely friendship was just a little too much for some fans. And it quickly turned out that maybe they had crossed some lines! Tyler’s wife Brittany Snow filed for divorce soon after that, and then recently told Call Her Daddy that everything fans “think happened, happened” — essentially confirming the shady behavior!

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Alex has since clapped back at the Pitch Perfect star, accusing her of using “calculated” and vague language to speak about the affair allegations (which she still maintains are false). But in the new clip of the show, it’s undeniable how smitten Alex was for Tyler! So, like, maybe Brittany WAS right?!?!

In the clip, the alleged lovers were seen sitting by a fire pit. But despite the romantic atmosphere, they were actually hashing it out after Tyler supposedly “ghosted” his co-worker after they made out in a hot tub at the end of the previous season! Ouch! Alex said:

“You swooned me and you got my walls to come down, and then you f**king disappeared for a month.”

The 34-year-old hit back at that, arguing:

“I didn’t disappear. I went out of town.”

Skipping town right after declaring that he wanted to explore a relationship with Hall was def bad timing — and she was super offended! She added:

“For all intensive purposes, you disappeared. You ghosted me. You went to a different continent.”

She was salty AF! But the surfer didn’t let up, saying:

“I didn’t ghost you. Before that night happened, this trip was planned.”

He also claimed he tried to FaceTime Alex “a couple of times” to show her he was still committed but she felt it was all just mind games!! The 35-year-old emotionally emphasized:

“This push and pull, like, I’m too old to be f**king confused.”

That’s something they could both agree on for once! Tyler, who has since left The Oppenheim Group, mused:

“I haven’t felt this weird push and pull thing in so long, but the problem is that because I care about you as a human, outside of us having interest in each other that, like, it makes me cautious in how I move forward, and how I proceed.”

Addressing why this relationship was so potentially complicated, he added in a confessional:

“Hall is a mom. She has kids. We work together, so there’s just pressure there and consequences because we are friends first and foremost. But, clearly there is something there with Hall and I. We just don’t know what it is.”

And he said it all with a smirk, too! Sooo… what does that mean?! Watch it go down (below):

Things got heated quickly! And Tyler seemed interested in exploring things in the end… but we know they have since moved on, and don’t speak anymore. So, what happened from then ’til now? We can’t wait to see!! Reactions?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Netflix/YouTube & Brittany Snow/Instagram]

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