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Sex And The City Revival Cast Seen Filming FUNERAL! Rumor Is It's A 'Major' Death!

Sex And The City Reboot And Just Like That Character Death First Episode

Well, talk about a shakeup!

The Sex and the City reboot hasn’t been shy about filming on location all over New York City, but this particular scene has them keeping things under wraps — just not enough to evade eagle-eyed fans!

Over the weekend social media users shared video showing extras waiting around outside the Wolf Building in Chelsea — all dressed up in funeral attire!

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This seems like confirmation of a leak from last week in which a production source dropped a bombshell on, claiming there will be a MAJOR death on the HBO Max original. The insider spilled:

“This is all top secret at the moment, because production has just started, but in the first episode fans will be served up a jaw-dropping storyline where one of the major names on the show will die.”

Wow! But who??

Well, the source admitted it’s such a huge secret even they don’t know, saying:

“Only the leading stars and show executives are aware of this presently and are desperate to keep a lid on it — a coffin lid.”

Damn! Dramaaaaa!

The source said they had “been implored not to say anything” else because “HBO wants this to be one of their huge promotional points for the launch.”

Ooh, so we guess we’ll know before the show even begins? Maybe it’ll be in the first trailer? Or are they looking for an old school water cooler moment after the first episode??

The And Just Like That… insider did feel free to speculate, guessing:

“Those in the know are calling it a ‘big death’, which obviously has everyone leaping to the conclusion that Mr. Big will be no more… Obviously Samantha Jones is a clear candidate for the chop too, given Sarah and Kim’s ongoing war.”

Those were the first names we thought of as well.

Obviously writing off Kim Cattrall, who had very publicly feuded with star and exec producer Sarah Jessica Parker, was a very tricky wicket to navigate. Some wondered if they’d bring back Samantha Jones’ cancer and kill her off.

However, producers have been pretty adamant they aren’t doing that — and that she had just grown apart from the other girls naturally. They’ve even supposedly been hoping to get her for the next season. Not that a studio lying to protect a twist would be that much of a shock…

But the smart money seems to be on Mr. Big. We already know John Corbett is coming back for multiple episodes as Aidan Shaw, Carrie’s sort of one-that-got-away — whereas it was unclear at first whether Chris Noth would return at all. Other leaks have implied a divorce between Carrie and Mr. Big, but what if they go a different way?

The insider also notes the shocking death will lead Carrie to “reunite with characters with whom she has had rocky relations” in the past. And we’ve already seen her spending time with Big’s other ex-wife, Natasha, played by the returning Bridget Moynahan.

Another possibility we’ve seen fans floating is Miranda’s husband Steve. Why? David Eigenberg is still a regular on the NBC hit Chicago Fire — so it’s likely he doesn’t have the same schedule freedom that many of the returning stars do. And it would be a huge change for Miranda. Maybe she and Carrie will both be navigating suddenly being alone again? Hmm…

Given the production videos, which were posted on TikTok, it’s certainly starting to look like the death of a character we love is inevitable.

The source says that’s exactly what SJP wants, to “shake up audiences from the get go to make them realize this is a different paced show from the previous one, where anything can happen and anyone can go… just like life.”

And Just Like That… indeed…

What do YOU think about this shocking twist? Are YOU ready for a beloved SATC character to be killed off??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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