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Shakira Reveals Amazing Way 11-Year-Old Son Milan Dealt With Parents' Divorce!

Shakira Reveals How 11-Year-Old Son Milan Dealt With Her Breakup With Gerard Piqué!

Shakira’s eldest son appears to be taking after her when it comes to music!

The pop star announced she was splitting from Gerard Piqué in 2022 after more than a decade together — amid rumors he cheated on her with his current girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. The breakup, understandably, has been hard on Shakira. And she channeled that pain and anger into her music, producing the hit diss track BZRP Music Session, Vol. #53.

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But Shak wasn’t the only one creating songs to process the difficult time! Apparently, her 11-year-old son Milan got into making music, too! Shakira told Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe in an interview on Tuesday that while there was a “learning curve” in how to handle the breakup with her kids, she realized she couldn’t lie or hide her “feelings” about what was going on in the long run:

“Society teaches us to conceal our feelings in front of our kids, but I think that’s a mistake because they know better and they perceive things in many different ways. And they can tell when an adult is lying to them.”

Shakira explained kids ultimately “want the truth,” adding:

“And if you don’t give them the truth, they make up their own version. But if you’re brave enough to talk about things with them, and try to understand how they’re perceiving reality, and open up a conversation where they can also give their opinion—they know that life is not always perfect, and it’s okay to face losses—what’s important is we learn to express how we feel.”

One of the ways she spoke her truth was through music — something both of her kids understood following the breakup with Gerard. Milan even dabbled in some songwriting to cope with his parents no longer being together. Shakira shared:

“They know that this is one of the one of my own ways to heal and to express myself, through my music. Milan, I remember he wrote two beautiful songs during the whole separation process and they just—they would make anyone cry. He wrote two songs on piano, and lyrics. Whenever he feels a little down, he goes to the piano and he writes music. And that is also his catharsis, his therapy.”

Amazing! Sublimating his negative emotions surrounding the split must have been so healing for him!

So is Milan going to be a pop star like his momma? Sorry, no. Despite having a talent for music, he doesn’t have an interest in pursuing a career in it — at least, not at this time. Instead, the 47-year-old TQG artist shared that Milan wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a soccer player:

“He’s a great musician, I think he’s probably going to be a producer, but he’s obsessed with football. He wants to be a soccer player. But I recognize that’s he’s a really great songwriter and producer, and maybe one day he’ll take it more seriously. But for now it’s just a channel for him.”

You never know! He could try to pursue both one day! He’s young, though, and still has plenty of time to decide what he wants to do! Watch the interview (below):

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[Image via Shakira/Instagram, Apple Music/YouTube, ATP/WENN]

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